Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Undead

Patch 4.0.3

...well, not really. I'm still Alliance and I'm still a draenei. But I had this idea for a new parody song and I could NOT let this one go by because of faction wars! And here I present to you, my tribute to The Forsaken... I'm Undead!

Also, I apologize profusely to my blog followers for posting this one a few days after I already released it, tweeted it, and posted it on my facebook DX. The holidays have been.. well, let's just say, they're not my most favorite time of the year. Hehe. But anyway, enjoy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cataclysm Midnight Release continued...

Patch 4.0.3 Cataclysm

Special thanks to YouTube user 3DGuy37 for leaving a comment on my Cata Launch Vlog pointing me to the footage Nvidia edited together of the Release Event at Fry's Electronics, Sunnyvale, California! Check my dumb ass out at 4:13!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Check out all the cool, free swag Nuku and I picked up at the Cataclysm release event at Fry's Electronics last night. ^_^ We had no idea that Nvidia was going to be there giving away free stuff and hosting funny little contests for cool prizes.. I actually won one of the contests! XD

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm in line...

... At Fry's Electronics in Sunnyvale, California. It's kinda cold. 9:40 PST at the moment. Nuku bought the digital download, but we're out here, waiting to get a Collector's Edition for me. <3

I don't know if you can see my puppy, but he's in line with us ^_^.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Patch 4.0.3

Ok, I'd like my 50 [Champion Seals] back please, Blizzard.

I bought a [Stormwind Tabard] from the Stormwind Quartermaster, Corporal Arthur Flew located at the Argent Tournament grounds less than a week ago for 50 freaking [Champion Seals]. That's at least 3.5 days worth of dailies. :( And now we can purchase one for 8 silver. *grumps*

I hope that this tabard conversion is a bug and that the Champion Tabard will at least look different or do something special-er than the one we can now buy for 8 freaking silver from the City Quartermasters! DX

The Shattering of Azeroth

Patch 4.0.3

Well hello my friends! I'm just posting to say I'm still here plus a tiny update. I finally got a chance to login and explore Stormwind a little bit. The Shattering of Azeroth has happened and what a crazy huge difference it is even for the little tiny bit of exploring I got to do. Obviously some textures have been updated, new lighting has been added, and holy new quests!

I rolled a human warrior to 6 just to check out the starting zone quests and everything is just... different! I'm not exactly sure how to take this all in yet. But I think I'm gonna like it. (Once I get over missing everything.) :)

Fun Fact: The Shattering occurred on November 23, 2010, World of Warcraft's 6 year anniversary since it's release in the US on November 23rd in 2004.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Children of the Blood

Patch 4.0.3

Dedicated to my very good friend RavenSylphe.

These lyrics are an adaptation of the "translated lyrics" from the WoWwiki article on the original "Lament of the Highborne".

By the light, by the light of the sun.
Children of the blood.
The darkness is breaking through,
Children of the blood.
By the light.
Broken Blood Children
They are breaking through,
Blood Children,
By the light of the sun.

Broken Blood Children.
They are breaking through,
Blood Children,
By the light of the sun.
..of the sun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cataclysm: Pre-Launch Events

Lots of mammoths... in a mammosh pit.
Patch 4.0.1

I know I'm late to the party about a post on this "pre-event" stuff, but here it is. It's mostly just my opinion and experience so far, not a guide. :D

Phase 1
It all started November 7th with a round of fun quests in Stormwind (and I'm guessing Org for Horde) that introduced us to the Twilight's Hammer Cultists that are spreading the "Doomsday" message all over town. A few elemental rifts also began opening all over Azeroth and Outland and if you closed a rift (in an area fit for your character to level in) you'd get to turn in the Mysterious Device the rift left behind for some cash. Nuku and I were having so much fun hunting down rifts that we received the [Tripping the Rifts] achievement on the first night.. well technically the second night since it was 2am when we got it haha.

Phase 2
Started a couple days later unlocking some new quests in Ironforge. I'm not sure where your second phase was, my horde friends, but in my humble opinion Phase 2 was barely even a "phase" since there were very, very little new quests.. But I guess it was a phase since it was "PHASED" XD, having us hunt down angry earth elemental spirits that you could only see when you drink an elemental sapta. I did find this phase interesting in the fact that these Earth Elemental mobs exist in the same place as you, yet you can't see them without the buff.. I'm always amused by quests like this. *giggle* Yes, I'm easily amused.

Phase 3
I can't remember when this started but I sure am glad I told Nuku that we needed to do those quests yesterday or we would have missed out! Just another fun round of quests in Stormwind, capturing Twilight Cultist infiltrator's and interrupting their rituals at their "secret" locations within the city. I have to tell you, the part I found MOST amusing of this chain had nothing to do with the actual quests. I was so blown away at the texture of the ritual thingy I stared at it for a few minutes. It was the ritual that was happening in the abandoned building that resembles the SW bank in the Dwarven District.. The textures on the Ritual thingy compared to the textures on the walls of the building were like day and night. It's as if the "vanilla" building textures are 256p x 256p resolution and the new textures are something like 1024 x 1024. XD Pretty. Anyway...

Phase 4
So, the final phase of the Elemental Invasion has started today and if you haven't noticed, then you've likely not been logged on at all today because trade has been hopping with plenty of, "INV PLZ" and "WHEN IS THE NEXT INVASION??!?!" I realized later that there is no quest for the invasion so it doesnt matter if you're in a raid group or not.. It only helps to keep track of where the majority of people are fighting.

Here's how the invasions work:
In Stormwind - At the start, everyone who can help, grabs Sandbags to start placing at specifically marked locations. Objective notifications appear in the top center of your screen (or wherever your PvP/zone objectives normally show up for you depending on your UI.) When all the sandbag locations have been uhm.. sandbagged *giggle* Wind and Water elementals spawn all over the city. The key is to close every rift in each flagged section of the city (marked on your map) to secure the locations, and to free a certain number of trapped citizens within each area. Once the city is secure, portals in the Trade District open to the "perpetrators" lairs: Prince Sarsarun from (a place resembling) Ahn'Qiraj who is responsible for the air elementals and Kai'ju Gahz'rilla in Zul'Farrak for the water elementals. (But at this point you can queue for all four bosses, I'll name the other 2 in a moment.)

In Ironforge - At the start, this is just like in Stormwind, but the only difference is they are "wall reinforcements" instead of sandbags and the elements are Earth and Fire. When you've secured the city, the portals open in the Commons to the ones responsible for the Earth and Fire elementals: Crown Princess Theradras of our beloved instance Mauradon and Grand Ambassador Flamelash of Blackrock Depths.

These Event bosses are available in the dungeon finder for only about an hour after the portals open and then they do not reappear in the dungeon finder until the next invasion occurs. And I do believe that the bosses pertaining to the certain elements are inaccessible if we fail to secure the cities, as in, if IF was not secured but SW was, then only the Wind and Water bosses will be available for example. But I'm not exactly sure, so don't quote me on that. XD

I'm having a freakin' blast with the pre-launch events and I am so happy to be a part of it before our world is changed forever!!!! XD

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cosplay Update: The Stilt Saga

Patch 4.0.1

Design © GiR Hargis 2010
I haven't really done anything at all with my Isolte cosplay idea ever since everything fell through the cracks with Weta and the digitigrade stilts. But recently, I found a super cool guy on YouTube, WizardGiR, who is a welder, engineer, and fabricator of sorts. I contacted him via Facebook and as of last week, I've found myself a fabricator for completely custom digitigrade stilts! I sent in the measurements he asked for and he quoted a completion date for sometime around the end of February. I'm super excited to finally have a shot at making the dreanei cosplay of my dreams, but I don't want to say too much for fear of jinxing it somehow.

I'll post updates as GiR brings them to me. I'm really excited to be working with such a cool DIY'er (do-it-yourself'er) because I've seen some of his other work and they've turned out to be nothing short of amazing. My stilts will only bee the third pair he's ever built, but that's another exciting factor in that I get to see what improvements (if any) that he can make upon his last design. But srsly, there's nothing that I know of needing improvement on his last pair, so even if mine aren't all that different, I'm positive I'll be happy with them.

Here's some news that I'm not sure what to do with though..

Image © GiR Hargis 2010
Kim Graham, the inventor of the Weta Legs, sent out an email just today about how her co-inventors in the states have secured a contract with a manufacturing company in the UK on a new digitigrade stilt design... She says the release of the new stilts is allocated for February-March 2011, just about the time that GiR quoted completion of my stilts. There's a part of me that is pretty pissed off that it's just "my luck" to have this news hit me after I've already found a fabricator... But there's a larger part of me that is pleased with my decision to find a custom fabricator for the pure fact that these stilts will fit me.

Well, that's pretty much all I have on the costume update. OH, wait! Maybe you all can help me? I'm still not sure what "gear set" to use for the costume, so if you can throw me some ideas I'd appreciate it. The ONLY requirement I'm asking for is PANTS, NO SKIRTS! Cuz I wanna show off these stilts/legs as MUCH as possible. XD Thanks for reading my long boring post... And I'm looking forward to your costume suggestions!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

Patch 4.0.1

I <3 glitches that lead to funnier glitches.. Is "funnier" even a word? Hehe, well here's one bug I haven't been too fond of lately: When you dismount from a flyer, your toon gets stuck INDEFINITELY in the swimming animation 'til you log out. I FRAPS'd it this time only because Nuku asked, "Hey Love, what happens when you go into Ghost Wolf?"... Hilarity ensued.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Patch 4.0.1

Lawl. Shout out to Jallitania of Borean Tundra. She made my freakin' day in today's Headless Horseman PUG.

Like the shameless e-celebrity I am, I have a macro in-game that says "[Singer] LFM listeners! WoW pop-song parodies by yours truely. <3" and I sometimes get the urge to click it at the end of a PUG.. So I said it in Party chat and Jallitania says, "I loved Ninja Raiders!"

I must admit, I'm a li'l embarrassed that someone actually knew who I am... But I have to admit even more that it's something I've always been hoping for !! XD

iFame here I come? Hahaha.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Enhancement Shaman Tier 10

Patch 4.0.1

I am in love with shaman Tier 10.25...

But Blizzard wants me to be a hunter. DX

I'm at this point where I have enough Justice Points to upgrade my [Belt of the Ardent Marksman] and as an Enhancement (melee) Shaman, I really have no other option than to get the belt that visually matches the hunter Tier 10 set [Band of the Night Raven]. :( I'm sad that I can't just look like a damn shaman the same way druid tanks are now forced to look like rogues when out of bear form... but oh well.. Such is the plight of any "underdog" spec at any given point in or WoW lives. *sigh*

I'm not trying to dog the developers and game designers, but is it really THAT hard to design pieces for each spec of each class? All I'm asking for is the same look. XD Hehe.

Pugs All Night

Patch 4.0.1

New release! A parody of Timbaland's "Give It To Me", I bring you "Pugs All Night" written by Zharkan and Mr. HealerDealer, performed by both of them and li'l ol' me. And machinimated by Zharkan himself... which is cool cuz' he's an AMAZING machinimator with a large following already on YouTube, and the best part is it's him who is actually rapping in this one! So it's kind of a debut of sorts. Hope you guys enjoy this one, the lyrics are awesome and I had a hell of a great time trying to keep myself from dancing my ass off while recording this one! LOOOOVE this beat! ^_^

And.. if you have any question regarding my character in the vid.. it was my idea hahahaha. Zharkan and Mr. HealerDealer are horde... you'll see. XD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sentinel Hill

Patch 4.0.1

I've been pretty hush-hush about this project since we entered it into the BlizzCon Original Song Contest this year and now that BlizzCon is over, here it is! (We didn't place, but no biggie, I wasn't in it for any prize money anyway.) I am proud to bring you a lamenting piece that I had the incredible pleasure and privilege to sing; written, arranged, and machinimated by the talented Greyfoo... Sentinel Hill.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Patch 4.0.1

Thanks to Snowhawk, PVPSiennah, and Machinimush for very quickly picking my dashed hopes up off of the floor regarding the Violet Proto Drake. :)

From Zarhym:
"I have a slight update to spread to the masses. We are going to be adding a hotfix for the achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been. This hotfix will make it so that obtaining the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake will award players Master riding.

The way in which 310% will be awarded is going to be a little quirky at first, but we plan to make it a more smooth process in a future patch. For now, you will need 280% flying in order to learn to use the Violet Proto-Drake. Once you mount the drake for the first time it will teach Master riding. The only catch is that you have to dismount and mount the drake again in order for 310% speed to take effect.


Friday, October 15, 2010


Patch 4.0.1

I was coo with 4.0.1 'til I found out THIS:

So, [What a Long Strange Trip It's Been] is utterly pointless for me ONLY ONE FUCKING WEEK BEFORE I COULD EVEN HAVE GOT THE ACHIEVE. Fuck 4.0.1. *cries angrily*

"Mounts obtainable after 4.0.1 no longer have speeds..." the speed is saved to the rider. So, if you had a 310-mount BEFORE Tuesday, you don't have to pay the 5000g for the 310% riding skill in Cata... So, that basically means I was fucked out of a 310% speed mount AND not having to spend 5000g on the new riding skill BY ONLY ONE WEEK. DX. Fuck you Blizzard.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Patch 3.3.5

A collaboration of epic proportions... I am proud to present, "Expanse" performed by Sharm and Ember Isolte, written and machinimated by Tyrannothefirst.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Praise for CafePress

Patch 3.3.5

I felt that this was important enough for it's own post, so here's something to note about the shirt I'm wearin' in my previous vlog and some praise for CafePress' amazing customer service! So, I received my order of 4 different styles of tops from CafePress the day before I made my last vlog. Since the blue one is my favorite of the lot, I decided to wear it first. And I'm glad I did because shortly after I recorded the vlog, I noticed that there was a tiny hole on the front of the shirt where the print starts (close to the left armpit, not noticable in the video). It must have been a snag from the printing machine, but other than the hole, the print and feel of the shirt is top quality. :)

So, I called up CafePress' toll free customer service today and their Satisfaction Guarantee is more than I hoped for! They're shipping me a brand new shirt (hopefully sans hole *giggles*) and the best part is I get to keep the holy one! I mean, it is a big enough hole that I'm going to try to patch it somehow so it doesn't get any bigger, but now I'll kind of have 2 of this cute li'l top! Yay!

And I know it may seem like I am trying to convince you to get one for yourself.. and I sort of am. :) But I'm mostly just sharing my experience with CafePress because it is my first time ordering from them and I am truly pleased with their service!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Real Girls Do Play WoW :)

Patch 3.3.5

Just a video plug for my [Girls Do Play WoW] CafePress shirts. I'm "modeling" the women's organic fitted tee in the vid. :) It's me "vlogging", so ... ya..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brew Barking!

Patch 3.3.5

Here with another How-I-Do-It video complete with commentary. :) Enjoy!

Now this is racin'!

Patch 3.3.5

My favorite part of Brewfest is definitely the Alliance [There and Back Again] "daily" that involves riding a ram between the Brewfest grounds and Kharanos to pick up and deliver kegs. My husband and I were curious to find out just how many laps one can do, so I busted out the stopwatch and timed my husband on his run. :)

I really believe he found THE best way to do this only using 2 of the 4 apple barrels located on the "track".

His method:
1. Run directly toward the Apple Barrel located just after the tiny bridge and jump over it.
2. Run directly toward the 3 trees that are on the left side of the path (don't run ON the path because you'll miss the barrel) and jump over the 2nd Apple Barrel located just behind the snow mound.
3. Turn to head back before even catching the Keg!
4. Hit up the same 2 Apple Barrels on the way back.
5. Turn around at the quest giver/as soon as you throw the Keg.
6. Repeat!

Here are his lap times:

Lap #TimeLap #Time

And if you didn't understand my text explanation of how to do it, here's a video of me running around on my druid! XD

Monday, September 20, 2010

Brewfest is here!

Patch 3.3.5

I'd write up a fancy schmancy guide, 'cept, the one at seems to be everything I'd tell you anyway. Lol.

Now, all I need for [Brewmaster] is for the dailies to reset in like 30 minutes so I can turn in [This One Time, When I was Drunk...] for the meta achievement [Down With the Dark Iron]. And I need to get 200 [Brewfest Prize Tokens] to purchase a ["Brew of the Month" Club Membership] for [Brew of the Month]. Whew, that was a lot of Wowhead links...

Anyway, cheers! *raises her stein of Gordok Grog!*

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Patch 3.3.5

Hey buddies ^_^. Prepare for me to sound like a commercial cuz I'm gonna ask you guys a favor. You can potentially help me while helping yourselves too though.

So, Have you ever heard of Dropbox? It's a pretty neato burrito FREE site and application (both Mac and PC compatible) that allows you to share files easily with others and/or just yourself across multiple computers.

The favor I have to ask of you is to sign up for a free account using my referral link. The free account can host up to 2GB of shtuff!! ^_^ So, if you think this kind of file sharing application thingy is for you, please watch the video demonstration and/or just sign up here and hook this draenei up with 250MB more of FREE space (per referral up to 8GB for meee!)

EDIT: If you sign up through my referral, you also get an extra 250MB! Sign up without the referral and you only get the 2GB. XD Thanks for finding that out for me, Nuku, honey.

Thanks people! XOXO

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blogger's gettin all fancy shmancy XD

Patch 3.3.5

Blogger's got some new features that I'm totally liking. I checked the new little checkbox thingy that shows "social networking" links at the end of each post so people can more easily "share" my shtuff. Not that anything I say is ever worth sharing.. XD

I love integration. Did I ever tell you that? Maybe it's the utopian-love-everything-idealist in me? *shrugs* ^_^

EDIT: I don't see the changes.. Hmm. Oh ya, I also like playing with new toys if I haven't mentioned that too. I guess I'd make a good bug tester.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Naming Violations

Patch 3.3.5

Thanks to a ReTweet by @mentalshaman, I saw this article:

Naming Violations in World of Warcraft

If you are generally someone who cares about how other people feel, this article is definitely worth the read. Something the article touched on that I believe was incredibly well put is a very valid defense for when people label those who wish to change the way things are on the internet as "too sensitive" or "ignorant to the way the internet just IS". I'm so sick of people online defending how they hurt others because "they can" since "it's the internet."

I'm so with Metaneira on this...

"Exposure to it doesn’t make it okay. And I fail to see why reacting to sexist, racist, homophobic language is somehow irrational or weak. Having an emotional reaction doesn’t shut off your ability to reason. Reacting to hate speech with anger, fear, or sadness doesn’t mean you can’t address the issue logically."

I mean, I'll admit it, I am no saint when it comes to how I interact with guildies on vent and in chat. And I will slip up from time to time and say a, "That's gay," every once in a while... It's a hard habit to break when I never learned why it was a bad thing to say until it was already embedded in my vocabulary. But, I hear it when I say it now and I readily ask if I offended anyone and apologize either way. I am trying to break my habit by replacing the phrase with something way more appropriate like, "That's shitty." Lol. (Or "That's poopie," depending on who I'm around.) :p

But I guess my point is: It is ignorant to allow the negative behavior to continue by being a part of it. So, go read that article if you haven't already and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Patch 3.3.5

So, I decided to look up my first WoW toon that I ever made on the armory, a night elf druid named "Emberisolte". And I found TWO other Emberisolte's.... It kinda weirds me out because I dunno if I should be flattered or paranoid. But for the record, the only toon named Emberisolte that IS me is the lvl 25 nelf Druid on Uther realm. Here are the other two who are not me lol:


A level 12 draenei hunter on Shu'halo whose armory profile I can't link :( because of an "unexpected error". Oh well..

I'd link my druid's profile too, but there's an error for her for some reason too. May be because my account is curently inactive lol. =/ Oh well.. I'm tempted to send in game mail to the other Emberisolte's when I reactivate my account just to say HI. lol.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Tiny Hello

Patch 3.3.5

Can't wait for Brewfest... Ok so, I've been in hiding for a little while because I deactivated my WoW subscription last month. XD But I assure you, I'm coming back when Brewfest comes around next month. I just figured I'd save a few bucks 'til then.

Also, I have an idea for a new parody song. I know it's been forever, I just haven't had the inspiration 'til recently. So, let's just hope this turns out the way I hope it will! XD

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Game On!

Patch 3.3.5

Glad I decided to go back and check Twitter this morning or else I would have missed this tweet by the loverly @madcowsummer:
Full of squee! New music vid "Game On" from @feliciaday and The Guild: It's so very deliciously Bollywood! #GAMEON

And for your [hopefully] viewing and listening pleasure...

<a href="" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Music Video - &quot;Game On&quot;">Video: Season 4 - Music Video - &quot;Game On&quot;</a>

As a fan of the web series, The Guild, and also a fan of Bollywood productions I totally dig this video. And the fact that my geeky-girly tastes are constantly being validated by my game-girl idol, Felicia Day, makes my existence a lot more happy. XD

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Patch 3.3.5

Just a quick question that I do not expect quick answers for: What do you do when someone starts to RP with you to the point that they're [annoyingly] emoting FOR you?

Example: "AnnoyingRPer sheaths his sword after the kill while Isolte's eyes meet his with a shocked and slightly excited gleam in them." Please gag me with a totem!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

RealID 2

Patch 3.3.5

Well, Blizzard heard us and they listened. Just take a sec to show your appreciation over on the forums, cuz it's the least we can do after bitching at them. ^_^

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Patch 3.3.5

Just to let you guys know where I stand on this RealID business.

Although I think its great that people have a choice to use it in-game or not, and though there is the option of NOT posting on the forums anymore, I think the idea of forcing people to post under real names in the future is just plain stupid for a number of reasons...

1. Anonymity - A lot of WoWers play the game to escape from reality, and those who post on the forums, will have to just stop if they want to keep their real life separated from their game life. Not to mention there are RP forums..for role playing.. hello?

2. Trolling *rolls eyes* - Blizzard says it will reduce trolling.. Yes it will reduce trolling ON BLIZZARD FORUMS. Just because the trolls will choose not to post (for fear of exposing themselves) does NOT mean they won't keep READING and possibly trolling good posters elsewhere, like social networking sites a simple Google search would bring up under the person's real name (if they use it for social networking of course,) especially with the new ammunition of having someone's real name in their hands.

3. Privacy - It's just a downright invasion of privacy. Aren't there laws against this kinda stuff? You'd think after the whole Facebook fiasco, Blizzard (and all other companies planning to "socialize" their networks) would learn that privacy is very important to their users... But that just makes sense, right?

Anyway, I was going to let my subscription just keep going, but as it is, I canceled so that Blizz won't have my money ('til I decide to play again of course). ^_^ I'll most likely still come back for Brewfest since I don't want to wait another year to get the Reins of the Violet Proto Drake.. But anyway.. Poop in Blizzard's eye.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank You

Patch 3.3.3

Hey y'all. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I hate blanket-thanking you, because I'd like each and every one of you to know just how much your support means to me, but that would take me days to write out each individual conversation I'd like to have.. So, I hope you understand.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. <3 You really know how to make a girl feel grounded/centered. I don't know what I would do without your support.

Thank you for reading, following, poking, liking and all that other good e-stuff! I'm genuinely sorry that I have nothing more to give you than a "Thanks" at the moment.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weta Legs... Continued XD

Youre all probably tired of hearing it, but I actually have potentially good news regarding the stilts that I thought I'd never have.

I commented on a video of the stilts on YouTube that the inventor, Kim Graham, posted, saying that I was a customer.. it's a shame Weta is no longer making them.. and that I'd like to know if she's looking for another company to produce them. She replied! Basically saying she's looking for another company but hopes in the meantime to build them herself and for me to "drop her a line."

I emailed her directly today and she already replied! Nothing set in stone as far as getting the commission on these yet, but my spirits have been lifted being able to work with her directly. ^_^

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Small (Very Personal) Update

I'm not looking for any sort of sympathy, just really thought I should let all you kind folks who read my blog know something pretty personal: I'm a sufferer of severe depression and I am currently refusing to take drugs for it. Never have taken meds for mental issues before and I don't want to. Just felt the need to let you know why I'm slow to bring you any WoW related news: I simply haven't been playing WoW lately.

Also, the main reason I'm telling you this is because depression hit me like a truck when I found out the Weta Legs were not gonna happen. The only luxury item I've ever spent even close to that amount of money on was my PC... And even that wasn't completely for pleasure only, know what I'm sayin? So, it felt nice to be able to buy something so, uhm (I don't wanna say pointless...) specifically meant for one use only(?). You get what I'm saying, right? And it was thorough suckage getting the bad news that my luxury-pleasure-only item wasn't ever gonna be a reality. I'm looking for another builder though or even making some hooves myself because I'd still love to cosplay for you all. :)

Anyway, if you read all that blabbering, thank you for being a friend. I apologize that I've got nothing WoW for you at the moment. I've actually been playing Second Life lately to satisfy my urge to create and buy "material" things in instant-gratification-mode. ^_^ I figured, fill my head with thoughts of limitless creation and inventory space 'til the feelings of the lack of Weta Legs subsides. *sigh* [Yes, I know that it's a strange trigger for depression, but... it triggered it =/.]

Again, thank you for reading. It really does mean a lot to me.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weta Legs Update :(

Patch 3.3.3

I just copied and pasted the post I made on the "Hooves" Yahoo Group since I don't feel like rewording it. XP

"Hello all,

I was apparently one of the very few people who actually ordered "Weta Legs" from Weta/Performing Legs Ltd. I received an email just yesterday informing me that Weta has regretfully decided not to proceed with production on the stilts. The return of my order is pending at the moment, and I am very upset that they resorted to NOT building the stilts for customers who already placed an order. >:( I mean, why take my money, tell me that they "build the product on a per order basis," and then decide not to build them at all? ....*sigh*

I'm more upset that they haven't made an official announcement on the WetaLegs webpage for people who were interested and/or saving up for a pair: ..Weta simply removed the darn page. >:(

So here I am, returning to the Hooves group to look for digitigrade leg-extension alternatives. Thank you for reading. And thanks for being the best source of hoof-leg information to date!! I wouldn't have even known about the Weta Legs if not for this group (and a friend who has been a more avid member than myself. I'm pretty sure you know who you are.) XD

-Ember Isolte

P.S. And for those curious, the email I received is as follows:

"Dear [my real name :p],

I would personally like to thank you for placing an order ([my order number]) for Weta Legs.

However I am very sad to inform you the uptake of Weta Legs has not been anywhere near our hopes or expectations. Performing Legs Ltd has therefore had to make the incredibly difficult decision to not proceed into production. Unfortunately this means we will not be able to supply your order of Weta Legs. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this will cause you.

After all the interest and encouragement that Kim Graham had received from you and other fans, we were quite confident that demand for Weta Legs was sufficient to commence production. Unfortunately we just did not get sufficient number of orders.

It pains us, and of course Kim Graham, terribly that we've had to resort to this drastic measure and we would like to assure you we haven't taken this decision lightly.

Of course, we will be giving you a full refund for your order. Our team will be processing your refund to your credit card in the next 48 hours and I sincerely hope it will reach you very quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sorry to bring you this sad news.

Yours Sincerely

Tim Launder

General Manager, Weta Limited"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nub Tales ep. 4.1: You're a Noob!

Patch 3.3.3

A new [very, very tiny] installment of Nub Tales by YumFriesWoW guest starring me. ^_^ I liked this collab since it was a quick recording on my part. No effects on my voice too, so sry for the bleh bleh bleh if you like the auto-tuney sound, and/or yay for the purists who want to hear my voice with no effects. XP

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime is crampin' my style!

If you're wondering why it's been so long since I've updated with music news, it's because of the heat! Haha, yes, the heat.

I live in an upstairs apartment and it gets pretty warm during hot weather. We do have an air conditioner in our living room, but where it's installed plus the layout of our place is really bad for trying to get the air into the den… even with a ghetto setup of three fans directing the air toward the back rooms. So, I've been reluctant to work in the office when it started getting warmer plus the fact that my and Nuku's PCs warm up the room even more than just the hot weather.

I do bring my laptop out to the living room to work more comfortably, but it's not an ideal place for recording.

Anyway, long story short: instead of BlizzCon tickets, Nuku and I bought a portable air conditioner just for the den ^_^. Yay.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Patch 3.3.3

So, Raven worked her networking magic and got AttentionWhore hosted on MachinimaVault's YouTube Channel. They're a brand new channel having joined the YT fray just earlier this week, but it's already brought in a few more subs for both Raven and me, so they're legit and growing fast. I know you've likely seen AttentionWhore already, but check MachinimaVault out if you like Machinima stuffs from all platforms, consoles, and genres.

Look what I did!

My CaféPress store has shirts in it now and even if you're not interested in buying anything, head over to see the new and improved "Girls Do Play WoW" logo. I'll plaster it up here on my blog tomorrow if I find time to put together a new header to go with it. More miscellaneous items will be added later just cuz I really enjoy creating new designs. :)

Visit the Shoppe!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shoppe "Remodeling"

Patch 3.3.3

Changing up my "logo" for some new shirts in the shoppe. So... there's nothing there anymore at the moment! I took everything down. Felt liberating actually. Anyway, I'll let you know when it's back "up" with some sort of product thing.. 'cuz technically its up, its just empty. Also, the shirts that will go up in the very near future will generally be for the female persuasion since they'll flat out say "Girls Do Play WoW". I'll think of something for you guys out there, I promise. Unless you're a guy who likes girly a typeface on his shirt, then knock urself out buying what I put up! ^_^

Anyway, it's already midnight so I'm gonna get to bed. The design process must be put on hold 'til tomorrow because sleep is not waiting for me... *passes out at her keyboard*

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BlizzCon Tickets Go On Sale Tonight!

Queue up your browsers and prepare for the e-line! BlizzCon tickets go on sale tonight at 7pm Pacific. Click here to head over to the official ticket sales page! And good luck!

Oh ya, guess what? Announcement: Nuku and I are officially planning to attend!!! *squee* That is if I can grab some tickets!! Hope I can score tickets tonight!

EDIT: Doood. Didn't win the clicky game today by a long shot. Was #8,000 in the queue when they sold out! Wish me luck on Saturday though! Tickets sold out tonight in approx. 20 minutes. Geez.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a quick update!

Patch 3.3.3

Last Sunday, I ordered the Weta Legs (see thanks to your very, very, very generous contributions to the "Isolte Cosplay Fund". I've been diligently working on the "thank you" gift(s) if you're wondering where I've been. ^_^ Just want to let you know that I'm breathing as much thankful, creative, loving energy into it as possible!

Also, I plan to check out some costume stuffs at Fanime Con this coming weekend such as contact lenses and other various things I might find useful for becoming Isolte. ^_^ Lets hope I find some more great ideas... speaking of ideas, it just hit me that Draenei have fangs and I already have that taken care of. XD

Anyway, I've been neglecting the game, but fear not my friends! It is all for good cause. I've been contacted by Markee Dragon about writing/singing an intro "jingle" for his YouTube show, and I've further partnered with Per Kiilstofte of THE to compose the music and work with me on the lyrics. ^_^ (Of course, Markee contacted me after my pestering social networking comments on his videos got him to simply check out my YouTube channel! XP)

Anyway, I've said a lot more than I thought I had to say... So, 'til next time! <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Patch 3.3.3

Takin' down the "ChipIn" widget... because the goal IS MET!!! HOLY COW!!!11one

I LOVE YOU, [Names of the contributors to Isolte's Cosplay fund]!!! Dood, you make me cry tears of joy!!! Now I just hope I don't disappoint you with my pictures! Haha!!

*runs off to to make a LARGE purchase* OMG OMG OMG!!

Crazy love to you contributors, I seriously can't thank you ENOUGH!!!! I owe you BIG time!

<3 <3 <3

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cosplay ChipIn

Patch 3.3.3

I'd like to direct you to this link,, for up to date news specifically related to my "Cosplay Fund-raiser".

Also, expect pics of me-trying-to-be-Isolte poppin up on here... I'm kinda nervous because I don't want to ruin the image that is Isolte by slappin my face up here, buuuut, I'll be Isolte/myself (since she is me in a way) as best I can. XD Hehe. I've only ever cosplayed as furry characters before (completely covered from head to toe in FUR) so this will be a new and exciting challenge for me. I'm actually starting to build Isolte's horns and hair combo this week. ^_^ *squee* If you're at all interested in seeing a tiny glimpse of my costume-builiding/sewing skills, please visit my other website,

And to everyone: Thanks for being here for me! Your readership/friendship means a LOT to me. Really.. it does. I won't go into it.. getting all emotional.. <3

Friday, May 21, 2010

I liked it, so I rolled need on it...

Patch 3.3.3
I feel like I've been neglecting my li'l blog here in that I left some pages unfinished and that it desperately needs a new look. I'm just bored of the header already, hehe. =/

So to satisfy my tiny upgrade needs at the moment, I made my Characters page a little more complete, moved my social network links to the oh-so-appropriate Contact page, added a new link to the CaféPress Shoppe, and added a "ChipIn" fund-raising counter to the sidebar for anyone so inclined to donate to my cosplay fund.

About the Shoppe: I just added a few "designs", but there will be more to come. And if you have any suggestions and ideas for designs or items you'd like in the store please let me know.

About the "ChipIn": All contributions made through "ChipIn" go directly to my personal Paypal account. This is not an organization you're donating to, it's just li'l ol' me. So, excuse me if it's gauche to ask for donations, but the cosplay isn't just for me you know! ^_^ Also, I don't have anything put together in the form of a "Thank You" package just yet, but for contributions over $25, expect SOMEthing. ^_^

That's all I have for you today. 'Til next time, Lovelies!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Game Master Flyor Is My Hero

Patch 3.3.3

Now all three of my "AttentionWhore" gearsets are complete! *muahahaha*

Thanks to a lvl 65 priest I happened to see in Stormwind the other day wearing a [Goldweave Tunic], I noticed that it was the exact same model as the [Elegant Tunic] I've been searching for to complete the "Slexy Gold" AW set. I Wowhead'ed the item and to my dismay, it was a quest reward from a quest I completed who knows how long ago when I was leveling to 70. Lol.

So, instead of continuing to offer Trade 1000g for the [Elegant Tunic], I took a moment to open a ticket that went something like this:
I'd like to know if it is possible to buy back an item that I've sold a VERY long time ago. The item is a quest reward from a quest I've already completed, the [Goldweave Tunic] from the quest called "Zeth'Gor Must Burn" from quest giver "Wing Commander Dabir'ee" in Hellfire Peninsula. I understand how complex this request may be but I thank you for your time.

Character: Isolte
Server: Daggerspine

I opened up that ticket just a couple days ago, and I expected a quick "Your ticket has a response" saying, "Nope. We can't do that for you." But, yesterday I noticed the li'l ticket box said, "Your ticket has been escalated" making me a wee bit hopeful ^_^.

And today, I logged in to see no more petition box! So, I checked my mail and here was the response from Game Master Flyor:
"Greetings Isolte!

First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. Unfortunately I am unable to chat with you directly about your issue due to the current wait time for tickets. However I have received and reviewed your petition about your missing Goldweave Tunic.

I was able to find your missing Tunic in the void dimiension where deleted items and characters go. The bad news is the dead murlocs that live there have claimed it as their property! But fear not o'brave Isolte, for they are no match for The Mighty Tauren Game Master Flyor!! I plunged hoof first into battle, and let out my fierce battle cry: "KERPLAAAHH!" And to make a long story short, (too late) I reclaimed your Tunic and have returned it to it's rightful place by your side. =)

I hope that I have helped you today Isolte! If so please select "Message Read" and this will close your ticket and open a short survey! If you need more help or have any other issues, please make sure to let us know!

(...more silliness about giving BlizzSupport feedback...)


Game Master Flyor
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment"

...complete with the attachment of my new (or old rather?) [Goldweave Tunic]! ^_^

I absolutely adore the little role playing part about GM Flyor fighting the dead murlocs ^_^. This in-game mail made my day! ... and saved me 1000g lol!

Thank you, Game Master Flyor! Oh and thank you also to the unnamed lvl 65 priest I saw in SW! If it wasn't for you, Priest, I would have never known about the alternative and I'd probably still been offering 1000g in Trade right now! Yay!

Monday, May 17, 2010

TheGreyfoo's "Exodar Disco" Guest Starring Isolte!

Patch 3.3.3
I think I've been a good girl keeping this one a secret 'til now! It was a honor and privilege to sing for this epically talented man! And I haven't even SEEN any of the AMAZING machinima 'til now! It is incredible! HE is incredible! Man, TheGreyfoo is an amazing musician, and the fact that he makes excellent machinima as well just blows me away!

And please, please, please, go subscribe to Grey on YouTube! He is so super talented that it boggles my mind that he doesn't have more subscribers! Go go!

So here it is, "Exodar Disco"!

..and omg, he barely put any effects on my vocals. O_O So, yep. That main chorus track is, like, the raw me. *giggles* I'm proud. ^_^

Friday, May 14, 2010

AttentionWhore Gearsets Almost Complete!

Patch 3.3.3

Today I decided to ask Trade for a [High Councilor's Sash] (of ANY enchant) to complete the 1st of Isolte's outfits in the AttentionWhore music video, since I wasn't having any luck farming it on my own, and I never ever see it on either horde nor alliance Auction Houses. I offered 1000g for the belt and got tons of whispers asking why I want it that bad. Lol. I took the opportunity to point curious individuals to my YouTube, and got many others saying things like, "I'll go farm that right now!!" Haha. After a couple hours of just hanging around in Trade, someone whispered me to tell me that they have the belt on their horde alt and if I'm serious about paying, they'd go on ahead and bring it over to the alliance side for me. ^_^ So, I now have my belt.

That's two sets complete: the 1st one (I'm calling it the "Slexy Pirate" set) and the 2nd ("Slexy Red") one. Now all I need is the [Elegant Tunic] to complete the 3rd ("Slexy Gold") one. ^_^

And actually if you Armory Isolte right now, I logged out of the game with the Slexy Pirate set on. Haha.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Update and re: My Cosplay Idea

Patch 3.3.3

About the cosplay idea I threw out to y'all just the other day... Your support for me on this is already so great! It's really encouraging, making me want to start building together an IRL gearset. (I sew, did you now that? Anyway...) XD Thanks again so, so much for the support you're giving me now, the support you also gave me way back when, and the support you may give me in the future!

And here's the small WoW update: I want to remember the 28th of April just cuz it's the date I decided to hop on Cenarion Circle and start leveling a toon to check it out over there. So far, I am absolutely loving the paladin class AND the people on CC. I don't think I'll ever replace Isolte as my "main," but so far on this other server, my pally is my "main". Heh. She's already lvl 43 with the help of my hubster's lvl 65 pally whom he just x'fered over to Cenarion Circle complete with bags n' gold and other crap we thought would be useful. ^_^

Anyway, that's all for now. Cheers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts at 4am

Just woke up from a good sleep; I'm planning on going back but before I go, I had to spit this off my mind. So, if you didn't already know, I'd really, really like to cosplay Isolte IRL. And I'd love to do live performances or even just live recordings for YouTube as Isolte if not live-live. ^_^

There are these amazing digitigrade stilts made by special effects company, Weta in New Zealand that I'd absolutely LOVE to have to "complete" Isolte's look. (If youre at all curious, please google "weta legs" and you'll see the stilts. I'd provide a link if I wasn't lazy/posting from my phone!) So my thoughts are this: before I even think about dropping $800 on these awesome stilts (which I would actually have other uses for than just Isolte cosplaying, if you don't understand that, just trust me) I was thinking on getting back in shape and trying out what I can pull together at the moment for costuming as Isolte. I know I'll never look like the waif-thin Draenei female, but I know it is possible to get close!

So my request for you is to simply support me and to not run away, scared when I post eventual pictures of my costume-building and getting-back-in-shape process/hopefully progress!! And if it's not too gauche, later on I may ask for donations in exchange for special gifts to help fundraise for the legs if all goes well and the if cosplay idea seems worth it! But more details on that if this idea actually comes to fruition.

Tell me what you think! Nothing is set in stone, I just felt like tossing out the idea to get a feel for what people think. Also, just warning you that pics of the RL me may pop up on this blog! *gasp* (and I promise that I will never make this blog about the personal me. It will always be about Isolte... who is me, but.. Ah, you get me, right?!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Patch 3.3.3

I just wanted to take a moment to thank and praise Valandhra for the free port(s!!), [Netherweave Bag] and [Frostweave Bag](s), and Stockades run, Azzad for kindly giving me 20 gold, Bordos for the bags, and all the nice folks in trade who answered questions for me regarding their server. Nuku and I have been lurking around on other servers, potentially finding a new home because Daggerspine and PvP is getting.. well, old.

I am looking into finding an RP server to make a home of, and Cenarion Circle fits our bill so far! Server time is aligned with our time zone, areas of all levels (so far) have been very nicely populated (as compared to the completely desolate leveling zones on Daggerspine), and the people are so polite it makes my head spin!

We haven't decided on transferring any toons to Cenarion Circle because I'd like to level a character to 80 to see what the server is like from more points of view than just end-game. But maybe when we hit 80, we'll see about transferring at least one of our alts from Daggerspine.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweeny Todd?

Patch 3.3.3

So, I walked into the Barber shop of Stormwind and got my hair done. I noticed that there was an upper level to the building, so I sneaked up the stairs to find THIS!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Costume Design by RavenSylphe

Patch 3.3.3

One of my favorite things about Disani of RavenSylpe Productions is her fantastic ability to build amazing outfits from the gear that is available in the game-files! I absolutely adored the wardrobe she came up with for Isolte in the video for AttentionWhore and there have been few people already asking about what pieces Disani used for the three "attention-whoring" outfits.

Since people are so curious, or maybe want to build AW costumes of their own for RPing, here are the items Isolte is wearing in the video:


Chest[White Swashbuckler's Shirt]*[Elegant Tunic]*[Flameheart Vest]
Waist[High Councilor's Sash][Embroidered Belt][Captain Sanders' Sash]*
Legs[Black Mageweave Leggings][Elegant Leggings][Cindercloth Pants]
Feet[Bandit Boots]NoneNone


EDIT 10:26pm: Just wanted to add that I actually have the red AW outfit in-game plus [Flameheart Bracers] for the cute-matching-the-top factor. ^_^

*These items are the only items I know of that have alternative items in-game that share the same EXACT model (color and all). There may be other items that use the same models and/or different colors as the other items I've listed above, but I personally am not aware of them nor have I done nor plan to do that much more research! ^_^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AttentionWhore on

Patch 3.3.3

I feel so spoiled XD. I don't expect writer Michael Gray to post an article on for all of my and Disani's machinima music vid collabs in the future, but I will say... It sure does boost my ego somethin' fierce whenever he does!! ^_^

Again, I can't express how much of an amazing job I feel Disani (Raven.Sylphe Productions) did on the video. Please, if you haven't already, go subscribe to her channel, show her some epic link-love! I am so lucky to have made a friend in such a sweet and crazy-talented woman!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Official Video: AttentionWhore

Patch 3.3.3

Complete with slexy wardrobe, trade chat spam, and [My Little Pony], I am oh so proud to present this [RavenSylphe Productions] machinima, AttentionWhore!

Disani, you are frikkin' aMAzing at what you do! I <3 you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bobby Kotick Hates You

Patch 3.3.3
This may not be news to you, but it was news to me because I'm a baddie when it comes to following actual news about Blizzard. So, in 2007, Activision and Blizzard got the wheels in motion for a corporate merge (which was news to me in itself), but the news that I'm really talking about is the slew of bad that Activision | Blizzard's CEO, Bobby Kotick, spewed at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco in September 2009, just last year.

I know it's probably really bad of me to quote another article that quotes this guy, so I won't, I'll just link it and hope you read it. ^_^ And here's another article for good measure.

TL;DR - My opinion is basically this: Bobby Kotick is a greedy businessman who is clearly unashamed of creating a horrible corporate environment for the developers who make the games he's getting rich off of, and wringing as much profit from gamers as humanly possible.

Thanks to badkarm4, a user on, for his informative comment on the [Celestial Steed] mount. What a way for me to find out about some filthy greedy man hiding behind my favorite game... It's so sad: A boycott of WoW would be the proper action, but... it's WoW. /sigh WoWcrack... I dunno, what do you think?

My Little Pony

Patch 3.3.3
Yes, I am also a proud owner of the new mount, [Celestial Steed]. My sweetheart waited almost 3 hours in the Blizzard store queue yesterday just to get me the pony I never thought I'd have. (When I first saw the model in a post on MMO-Champion, I figured it would be a new boss drop in Cataclysm or something. And I don't raid much. =/) But yay for new flair!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Interview with Lisa Poisso @

Patch 3.3.3

The interview with myself (singer) and Roninhobbit (lyricist of the ever-so-popular WoW parody, "Ninja Raiders") has been posted today on! Check out Lisa Poisso's article here! ^_^

Edit: THANKS Romirevids for the heads up on Twitter.. or was it Facebook? Anyway, thanks for the tip! (

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Thoughts on the Cataclysm Shaman Preview

Patch 3.3.3
Firstly, I must say that I am very excited to know that Blizzard really is thinking about shamans! Long blue post means lots of thoughtful stuff, right? XP Now that I've had the opportunity to sit and actually read it, (yes, I was just so excited to see some blue about shamans that I robotically reposted it to spread the news) here are my thoughts on the Cataclysmic plans for shamans... Pun fully intended. And just a tiny reminder: This opinion is coming from an enhancement/off resto shaman who hasn't healed anything since Kara, and hasn't experienced the Ele tree in her entire Azerothian life.

New Spells

Primal Strike (lvl 3) - I'm happy to hear about this one since it will introduce the melee way to play way earlier on in the game.

Healing Wave (lvl 4) - I am curious about the specifics of this one since its a new addition, not just a change (with the current Healing Wave changing into Greater Healing Wave). The two existing "Waves" are a no brainer depending on your situation, so I hope the new addition doesn't just confuse the hell outa me.

Unleash Weapon (lvl 81) - sounds like tons of fun for everyone! I know nobody uses it, but I still think its funny that Blizzard didn't mention anything about Rockbiter Weapon.. lol.

Healing Rain (lvl 83) - Sounds to me like it's gonna be the OP, OMG-nerf-our heals-NAO kinda spell even WITH the diminishing returns (OMG, it just hit me, especially with Spiritwalker's Grace, the next new spell, or Natures Swiftness). But, it really depends on how much the HoT ticks for, so I guess we'll know of its effectiveness when it goes live.

Spiritwalker's Grace (lvl 85) - It's macro time!
/cast Spiritwalker's Grace
And continue running the hell away! I can pretend I'm a pally... kinda sorta. Lol. I'm excited about this spell not only cuz I'm a chicken, but for the major improvement it will provide for Elemental and Resto shamans. Flame Wall anyone? I can't see this spell being very much of a benefit for enhancement, but maybe something will hit me later.. other than running away from PvP like a little girl. XP

Changes to Abilities and Mechanics

I'll just go down Vaneras' bulletted list with my commentary. (Please refer to the blizz post for what they actually said.
  • Resto nerf regarding mana.. unless resto shamans always stacked Spirit and I'm just way out of the loop. But Blizzard's already been planning to get rid of MP5, SP, and AP on gear, so maybe this is a result of making up for that stat change? I dunno. Have resto shamans always relied on MP5 more than spirit? Because I'm an ignorant healer and I thought spirit was always the main mana-regen stat. Maybe I'm just too used to watching my husband heal sh*t on his druid.
  • The addition of Cleanse Spirit (even if it is remove-curse only) as a baseline ability = nice. No more removing poisons = nerf. :(
  • No more Cleansing Totem?! HUGE NERF FOR PvE!!! "We will balance PvE dispelling with this new model in mind." Good luck with that.
  • So long Flametongue Totem. /wave I will miss your pretty little snake head icon on my action bar. Yay for percentages instead of flat numbers. And wow.. Maybe I should just respec elemental? Searing Totem at range?! WOOT! (as in the, "I Want One Of Those" kind of woot.) What a fun addition for Ele's if it goes live!
  • Increasing CD on Lava Lash = nerf until I know more about Primal Strikes and all the other cool abilities Blizz wants to "free up Enhancement global cooldowns" for. The fact that the person who wrote this post used the word "rotation" in regards to Enhancement kinda makes me worried if he or she even knows what they're talking about. (Side note: Nethaera, if I'm remembering the name right, posted the same exact text about the Shaman class changes on the US WoW forums, so I'm not personally saying anything about Vaneras nor Nethaera.. just sayin'.. enhance don't rotate! We prioritize. Haha, but then again, I'm most likely just being way too anal about specific language use...*rolls eyes at herself* Moving on!

New Talents and Changes

Earthquake sounds pretty cool, and may make AoE leveling the way to go when the talent becomes available to a player. Spirit Link will be a literal lifesaver. ^_^ And the plans for a new Elemental talent to buff Hit Rating with Spirit will be nice for dual spec'd ele/resto shamans since Spirit will be the stat to look for on gear for both. I'm kinda sad about the planned change for Ancestral Knowledge (changing it from boosting intellect to straight mana), because that may be a huge nerf for enhancement since as it is now, Intellect can be talented to boost our AP. But maybe the switch of the talent Enhancing Totems to Focused Strikes will make up in dps for the AP loss? I haven't read up on the new Mastery System and how it wil work yet, but regarding the passive bonuses: the fact that they're considering removing of some of those passive-bonus-providing talents will be a relief IMO! I always have a hard time deciding how to spend my talents, so I'm looking forward to not only having more talents to spend on other cool/new stuff, but also being able to make the decision more easily without resorting to searching the internet for "the best build".

In general, I believe that Blizzard is taking a huge step in making the shaman class a helluvalot more fun to play, not that it isn't already!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cataclysm Class Preview - Shaman

Patch 3.3.3
Ok, I'm soooper excited!

Posted by Vaneras (Source) - From the official forums.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we’ll be making lots of changes and additions to class talents and abilities across the board. In this preview, you’ll get an early look at some of the changes in store for the shaman class, including a rundown of some of the new spells, abilities, and talents, and an overview of how the new Mastery system will work with the different talent specs.

New Shaman Spells

Primal Strike (available at level 3): Primal Strike is a new weapon-based attack that every shaman will learn very early in the game. Our goal with this ability is to make leveling as Enhancement rather than as Elemental more viable, since many key Enhancement talents become available at fairly high levels.

Healing Wave (level 4): While the shaman already has an ability called Healing Wave, we’re adding another spell to the class’s direct-healing arsenal and giving it a familiar name. The current Healing Wave will be renamed Greater Healing Wave, and the intent is for the “new” Healing Wave to be the shaman’s go-to heal. Lesser Healing Wave and Greater Healing Wave will be used on a more situational basis.

Unleash Weapon (level 81): Unleashes the power of your weapon enchants for additional effects (see below). A dual-wielding Enhancement shaman will activate the effects of both of their weapon enchants. Instant cast. 30-yard range. 15-second cooldown. Undispellable.

Here are a few examples of effects we’re considering for this ability:

  • Windfury Weapon – Hurls a spectral version of your weapon at a target, dealing 50% weapon damage and increasing the shaman’s Haste for the next five swings.
  • Flametongue Weapon – Deals instant Fire damage and buffs the shaman’s next Fire attack by 20%.
  • Earthliving Weapon – Heals the target slightly and buffs the shaman’s next healing spell by 20%.
Healing Rain (level 83): An area-effect heal-over-time (HoT) spell that calls down rain in a selected area, healing all players within it. There is no limit to the number of players who can potentially be affected; however, there are diminishing returns when healing a large number of targets, much like the diminishing returns associated with AoE damage spells. This should give Restoration shaman another healing tool that improves their group-healing and heal-over-time capabilities. 2-second cast time. 30-yard range. 10-second duration. 10-second cooldown.

Spiritwalker’s Grace (level 85): When this self-targeted buff is active, your spells are no longer interrupted by movement and possibly even by your own attacks. This will give shaman of all three specs another way to heal or do damage when it’s necessary to move in both PvE and PvP. Instant cast. 10-second duration. 2-minute cooldown.

Changes to Abilities and Mechanics

In addition to adding new spells, we’re planning to make changes to some of the other abilities and mechanics you’re familiar with. This list and the summary of talent changes below it are by no means comprehensive, but they should give you a good sense of what we intend for each spec.

  • Restoration shaman and other healing classes will need to pay attention to mana more than they’ve had to during Wrath of the Lich King. Spirit will be the Restoration shaman's primary mana-regeneration stat.
  • We’re making changes to which classes and specs are able to dispel magic, diseases, curses, and poison, largely for PvP purposes. Shaman will have Cleanse Spirit as a baseline ability, but it will only remove curses. Restoration shaman will have a talent that will improve Cleanse Spirit so that it also removes magic. Shaman will no longer be able to remove poison.
  • Cleansing Totem will be removed from the game, as we want dispels to be a decision for players, not something done mindlessly. To that end, all dispels will cost slightly more mana, and you will waste the spell if you cast it when there is nothing to remove. (Currently, the dispel is only cast when there is something to remove, which encourages spamming “just in case.”) We will balance PvE dispelling with this new model in mind.
  • Totem of Wrath now will replace Flametongue Totem for all shaman, and dropping this totem will buff the group’s spell power by 4%. Elemental shaman will have a talent that lets all Fire totems provide +10% spell power, allowing them to drop Searing, Magma, or Fire Elemental Totems without losing their spell-damage buff. The 4% and 10% buffs will be exclusive with each other and with the warlock’s Demonic Pact, so you can’t benefit from all of them at once. We’re also considering letting Elemental drop Searing Totem at range.
  • We want to free up Enhancement global cooldowns to make the spec more dynamic to play. We’re considering, for example, increasing the cooldown of Lava Lash so shaman have time to work other interesting abilities into their rotation.
New Talents and Talent Changes

  • Elemental Reach will be simplified so shaman have a more consistent spell range.
  • We plan to add Earthquake as a deep Elemental talent for targeted and persistent AoE.
  • Spirit Link will likely be worked back into deep Restoration in some form. The idea is that you will be able to link targets together so they share damage. When we had previously tried to implement Spirit Link, it was hard to balance and a little confusing. However, we really liked the concept -- and so did players -- so we are trying to bring it back.
  • Elemental will have a deep talent that allows Spirit (which will appear on the gear they share with Restoration shaman) to boost their Hit rating.
  • Ancestral Knowledge will boost mana pool size, not Intellect.
  • Enhancing Totems will be replaced with Focused Strikes, which will improve the damage of the new spell Primal Strike and Stormstrike.
  • With the Mastery system, we’re also considering removing a number of talents that grant passive bonuses, such as Mental Quickness, Improved Windfury Totem, Mental Dexterity, Call of Thunder, Tidal Mastery, Purification, Nature’s Blessing, and others, to allow players more freedom to choose more interesting talents.
Mastery Passive Talent Tree Bonuses 
Spell damage
Spell Crit
Elemental Overload

Melee damage
Melee Haste
Nature Damage

Deep Healing

Elemental Overload: Your direct-damage spells have a chance to proc a less powerful “bonus" version of the spell. This will work much like the current Lightning Overload talent, but would also apply to Lava Burst.

Nature Damage: This will provide a passive bonus to the Nature damage dealt by the Enhancement shaman.

Deep Healing: Your direct heals will do more healing when the target’s health is lower. This will scale to damage (e.g. someone at 29% health would receive more healing than someone at 30%) rather than have arbitrary break points.

We hope you enjoyed this preview, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on these additions and changes. Please keep in mind that this information represents a work in progress and is subject to change as development on Cataclysm continues.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Noblegarden!

Patch 3.3.3
Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I know some of you may have spent Easter Sunday getting all your achievements for Noblegarden completed if you didn't last year. But for those of you who haven't yet started, here is my guide for getting the most out of your Noblegarden week!

If you're planning to get "the Noble" title, here's what you'll want to do!
  1. Speak to a "Commoner" NPC in various capital cities to pick up the quest Spring Gatherers (Horde) or Spring Collectors (Alliance).
  2. Go to a starting area. I personally recommend Azure Watch (Draenei area to the east of the Exodar) for Alliance and Falconwing Square (Blood elf area just west of Silvermoon City) for Horde. The respawn rate of the Brightly Colored Eggs that you will be hunting for in these areas are the fastest IMO, while both areas are also small, allowing for less time running/more time looting!
  3. Pick up the daily [The Great Egg Hunt] (Alliance)/(Horde) and [A Tisket, A Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket] (Alliance)/(Horde)
  4. With the Tisket, Tasket quest you will receive an item that I highly recommend equipping and using the entire time you're running around searching for eggs: an [Egg Basket]. It's basically a nonstop sprint buff if you use it consistently. ^_^ I mapped the item temporarily to one of my mouse buttons for ease of use.
  5. Start searching! Looting your first egg will give you [I Found One!]. The eggs spawn in some pretty well hidden areas beside posts, in bushes, atop lamps, in crates, and underneath wagons, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled because they don't "loot sparkle". And they only spawn in the starting areas, so no need to wander off outside the area to look for more.. there just won't be any!

  6. Find at least 115 x Brightly Colored Eggs. Your inventory will fill with these fast since they don't stack, but the [Noblegarden Chocolates] stack to 20. You loot one [Noblegarden Chocolate] per Brightly Colored Egg and the chocolates are the currency you use to buy items from the Noblegarden Vendor. Don't worry about buying anything just yet because there is a chance to loot almost* every item he/she sells from your many, many Brightly Colored Eggs!
    * The only two items you must buy are (if you are a mage interested in a new Polymorph spell) [Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit] and at least 1 x [Noblegarden Egg]. The Rabbit Polymorph Tome costs 100 x [Noblegarden Chocolates], in which case I'd recommend you find 215 x  Brightly Colored Eggs total.
    Here are the items that may possibly drop when you loot your Brightly Colored Eggs:
    1. [White Tuxedo Shirt] - You must loot one of these for [Sunday's Finest], however this achievement is not a meta requirement for [Noble Gardener]. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll loot at least one of these from an egg.
    2. [Black Tuxedo Pants] - You must loot one of these for [Sunday's Finest], however this achievement is not a meta requirement for [Noble Gardener]. Again, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll loot at least one of these from an egg.
    3. [Spring Robes] 
    4. [Spring Circlet] 
    5. [Blossoming Branch]
    6. [Spring Flowers] 
    7. [Elegant Dress] - You must loot one of these from an egg if you'd like to achieve [Dressed for the Occasion]. This achievement, however, is not a meta requirement for [Noble Gardener], so if you want your "the Noble" title, don't worry if you don't loot this dress from your eggs. ^_^ The drop rate of this item is a lot lower than the Tuxedo Pants and Shirt. 
    8. [Spring Rabbit's Foot]

  7. Here's a macro I made to make your life easier! It's a one button click for opening and looting your eggs without even having to open your bags! Tip: To create a macro type "/m" and hit enter or go to the Game Menu (Esc) and click "Macros". Click New and name it "Egg", select an icon, press "Okay" and click in the text field and type in the following making sure to have each command on its own line:

    /use Brightly Colored Egg
    /loot Noblegarden Chocolate
    /loot Spring Rabbit's Foot
    /loot Blossoming Branch
    /loot Elegant Dress
    /loot White Tuxedo Shirt
    /loot Black Tuxedo Pants
    /loot Spring Flowers
    /loot Spring Robes
    /loot Spring Circlet
    And drag that Egg button onto your action bar somewhere and click away before your inventory gets too full!
  8. Loot your eggs for the quest items. Note: when you turn in [A Tisket, A Tasket, A Noblegarden Basket], you turn in 10 Chocolates and your [Egg Basket], but you get another, exact same [Egg Basket] upon completion. Just re-equip the new one/remap your action bar if you need to.
  9. Eat 100x[Noblegarden Chocolates] for [Chocolate Lover] & [Chocoholic]. The 25 chocolates you eat for the first achievement do count toward the 100 for the second. ^_^
  10. Make sure you have all of these necessary items before traveling for the other achievements:
    [White Tuxedo Shirt], [Black Tuxedo Pants], [Spring Robes], [Spring Rabbit] (pet), [Spring Flowers], [Blossoming Branch] and at least 1 x [Noblegarden Egg] that must have been purchased from the Noblegarden vendor.
    If you were UN-lucky enough to NOT loot any one of these items from an egg, you'll have to find more Eggs to buy one from the vendor, or hope that you'll loot the item soon. ^_^
  11. Equip your Tuxedo Shirt and Pants and /kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress for [Blushing Bride].
  12. Keep your eyes peeled while you're traveling for females of all races of at least lvl 18 for [Shake Your Bunny Maker]. It helps a lot to track this achievement to see who you've already bunny'd. :)
  13. Take your new pet bunny to all of the other starting areas to watch it make sweet bunny luvin' to other players bunnies for [Spring Fling]. Pro Tip: Bring a friend who has a bunny already to save time. And don't forget to hide your [Brightly Colored Egg] in Silvermoon City or Stormwind for [Noble Garden] (Alliance)/(Horde).
  14. Grab a [Blossoming Branch] and a buddy who also has a [Blossoming Branch], take the portal in Dalaran's Violet Citadel to Tanaris. Equip and use your [Spring Robes] to knock Tanaris off the [Desert Rose] list on your way to Un'Goro Crater, Golakka Hot Springs. Use your branches on each other and wait to lay an egg for [Hard Boiled]. ^_^ After that, head to Silithus, equip your [Spring Robes] again and use it for [Desert Rose] again.
  15. Finish off [Desert Rose] by traveling to the other deserts.
  16. Finish off [Shake Your Bunny Maker]. Good luck with this one, female trolls, orcs, and dwarves were the most difficult femmes for me to find! I hope you have better luck!
  17. You should be all done now, complete with [Noble Gardener]. ^_^
If I missed something, or you have a special tip, please leave a comment! And remember, Noblegarden ends at 11:59 Server Time on April 10th!