Saturday, October 30, 2010


Patch 4.0.1

Lawl. Shout out to Jallitania of Borean Tundra. She made my freakin' day in today's Headless Horseman PUG.

Like the shameless e-celebrity I am, I have a macro in-game that says "[Singer] LFM listeners! WoW pop-song parodies by yours truely. <3" and I sometimes get the urge to click it at the end of a PUG.. So I said it in Party chat and Jallitania says, "I loved Ninja Raiders!"

I must admit, I'm a li'l embarrassed that someone actually knew who I am... But I have to admit even more that it's something I've always been hoping for !! XD

iFame here I come? Hahaha.


  1. ROFL! nicely done Ms ember, shameless plugs never hurt

  2. Here in a patch or two the LFG system will no longer be limited to your battlegroup. You'll be able to random with EVERYONE in the entire US. You'll be able to go national with your iFame then :)

    (Me and my roomie listen to Ninja Raiders allot, and he randomly busts into the chorus several times a week.)

  3. @James Wragg - Thanks. I'm glad other people see no harm in shameless self-plugging.. unless it was the gangsta type of "plugging" then we'd have something to worry about. XD

    @Stupid Carrot - OMG I can't wait! I wonder when we'll be able to actually play with friends we know on other servers as in grouping for dungeons cross-server via RealID perhaps? Or maybe I'm dreaming. Anyway, Thanks for the comment, Stupid Carrot. *says your name aloud* XD I like how it sounds.

    And lawl at you and your roomie singing Ninja Raiders all randomly. It's such a freakin' catchy song isn't it? Kinda why I HAD to ask Roninhobbit if I could cover it. That guy is so good with parody lyrics it amazes me. ^_^