Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weta Legs... Continued XD

Youre all probably tired of hearing it, but I actually have potentially good news regarding the stilts that I thought I'd never have.

I commented on a video of the stilts on YouTube that the inventor, Kim Graham, posted, saying that I was a customer.. it's a shame Weta is no longer making them.. and that I'd like to know if she's looking for another company to produce them. She replied! Basically saying she's looking for another company but hopes in the meantime to build them herself and for me to "drop her a line."

I emailed her directly today and she already replied! Nothing set in stone as far as getting the commission on these yet, but my spirits have been lifted being able to work with her directly. ^_^


  1. Cool! Goodluck!!!! <3

  2. That's awesome news, girly! I hope it works out for you :D

  3. Cant wait to see this work for ya