Monday, May 17, 2010

TheGreyfoo's "Exodar Disco" Guest Starring Isolte!

Patch 3.3.3
I think I've been a good girl keeping this one a secret 'til now! It was a honor and privilege to sing for this epically talented man! And I haven't even SEEN any of the AMAZING machinima 'til now! It is incredible! HE is incredible! Man, TheGreyfoo is an amazing musician, and the fact that he makes excellent machinima as well just blows me away!

And please, please, please, go subscribe to Grey on YouTube! He is so super talented that it boggles my mind that he doesn't have more subscribers! Go go!

So here it is, "Exodar Disco"!

..and omg, he barely put any effects on my vocals. O_O So, yep. That main chorus track is, like, the raw me. *giggles* I'm proud. ^_^


  1. My prediction: This is featured on's Moviewatch tomorrow.

    I really enjoyed the lyrics and the video itself. I'm not one to laugh out loud, but I almost did several while watching the video. And you were, as the video said, vocalicious!

    Great job and I look forward to more.

  2. Omg...I'm addicted to this song :|

  3. Love it! Your vocals are terrific!

    Also, what is that hot little red outfit that Isolte wears in this video?

  4. Well, it looks like I was wrong, but it was featured today.

  5. @Ken - Lol. Thanks for the heads up on the WoW MovieWatch.. and the initial prediction. Hehe. I admit that I email with recommendations for the MovieWatch, but I never email them videos that I am actually in (in one form or another) since I feel that that sort of self-promotion is a little bit too.. uhm.. "Look at ME". You know what I'm sayin'?

    @Megan - I too am addicted to this song. Grey is a very talented musician! He's the man behind the ENTIRE video/song. Check out his other vids! "Scarlet Toy" won him a spot this year in the Alienware "Rise to Power" Contest! He's too good!

    @Teresa - I know the legs are [Battleforge Legguards], the bracers are [Battleforge Wristguards], and the chest is [Silvermoon Armor], but the shoulders I'm not quite sure.. but i think they are also from the Battleforge set [Battleforge Shoulderguards].

  6. Your silver outfit is gorgeous =)

  7. @Nate V - Tell that to TheGreyfoo! He's the machinimator, costume designer, musician, lyricist! Hehe. I love all the outfits Grey put together for me ^_^. I'm sure he'd appreciate a comment on his video. :)