Friday, December 10, 2010

Cataclysm Midnight Release continued...

Patch 4.0.3 Cataclysm

Special thanks to YouTube user 3DGuy37 for leaving a comment on my Cata Launch Vlog pointing me to the footage Nvidia edited together of the Release Event at Fry's Electronics, Sunnyvale, California! Check my dumb ass out at 4:13!


  1. I talked to a few people who went to the launches and won cool stuff, and I felt bad I didn't go to the local release event.

    But Minnesota is a LOT colder place to stand outside than California. And with my luck I'd have frozen my tail off and won a graphics card. And as I play on a Macbook Pro, It would have made a lovely paperweight. Least its Nvidia and not that Ati junk.

  2. @Dana - I also have a Macbook Pro (from 2007), but I've had the logicboard replaced THREE TIMES now because of the piece of sh*t Nvidia GPU on it =/. So, Nvidia has been junk IMHO.

    My PC has an ATI Radeon HD 5770 card in it and I absolutely LOVE it. So far Nvidia has treated me horribly as far as performance and customer service, so they've been all show and no go in my opinion. Nvidia marketing is excellent tho.. and with the new release of Nvidia's 580s, I'm not ruling out that Nvidia has possibly gotten better over this last year.

  3. I build Linux Machines from my friends who can't afford Mac. You need Nvidia if you want to play WOW under Linux. ATI has no Linux legacy support. So ATI means no videocard over two years old gets to run Linux WOW. "I started buying Nvidia back when they first started selling them. I think it was a Ge-force 256. Ghods 1999.......

    As to the Mac, as much as I hate to say this, that's not Nvidia's doing its Steve's.

    If you are going through that many logic boards in your Mac, something is seriously wrong. I'd suggest A: making sure there is not dust building up in the cooling system, and B: that you are running a fan utility to keep it sufficiently cool.

    I had the one before that model, they had heat issues."Steve hates fan noise and the fans don't speed up enough under load." If you want to game one one I'd seriously suggest a fan overspeed utility like Fan Control 1.2
    I'm using it on my Macs now. That and temperature monitor. I'd bet you are cracking 200 degrees without it.

    I'm playing on a 13 inch MBP now, running in 64 bit, and it never cracks 170 degrees. Watch those temps, they kill boards!