Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally found a home for my stream!

Patch 4.3.0

Hey everyone! After trying out, and I've finally found a home for my broadcast with! Huge thanks to all of you viewers for being so patient with me and my sporadic testing-out all these websites, because I know how annoying it is to register new accounts just to be able to chat with me and the other viewers on different sites. But rest assured that I won't be switching for a really long time (if ever) because of the amazing things that are happening with me,, and ...drum roll please...!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I got to be a dragon! ..sorta.

Patch 4.3.0


If you haven't seen the Deathwing "end-game" cinematic and you're a lore buff, I suggest that you don't watch this video. But if you know about what happens after Deathwing dies, then please enjoy this humorous take on what happens next. Scripted, machinimated, and voiced by THE Myndflame, featuring my petty voice talent as Alexstrasza herself, please enjoy "The Day After the Cataclysm Ended"! (I hope I did the Life Binder justice!) XD

Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Live Gaming Broadcasts

Patch 4.3.0

After finding out that is not as free as they advertised (by finding out the hard way--that they ALLOW you to go over the "free" bandwidth limit), I started broadcasting with a.k.a. So, there shall be more of me live-streaming WoW (and possibly other games, including some old school SNES and Wii games since there will be a video capture card in my possession in the very near future ^_^...)

For a little taste of stream footage, I put together this video advertising my stream on YouTube. Please enjoy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

BlizzCon Vlogs - Part 5

Patch 4.3.0

Ok, I have to warn you: if you don't enjoy the "F" word, please DON'T watch this video because I probably said it way too many times to even sound like a normal person. =/ With this video, I've realized just how often I swear in public and how stupid I sound as a result. So with that said... For those of you that want to watch, in this video I met Athene and his crew. It blew my mind so much that I couldn't get over it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

BlizzCon Vlogs - Part 4

Patch 4.2.2

Again.. warning: lots of Ember swearing. Saarryyy. And in this episode(!!!) we meet Rawrbug and Asiko IRL for the first time and I fansquee over being in the same room with them and Crykoda!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

BlizzCon Vlogs - Part 2

Patch 4.2.2

This video is a LOT shorter than the first one, and I probably could have just tacked it onto the end, but I felt that my awkward moments just before and all of the awkwardness during actually meeting Crykoda for the first time IRL merited it's own video. XD

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BlizzCon Vlogs - Part 1

Patch 4.2.2

Hey guys, I know this is way old news, but I've finally gotten around to editing some of the footage that I took while I was at BlizzCon. I never did any sort of "news coverage" for BlizzCon announcements since I figured everyone would be spammed with news elsewhere and I just wanted to enjoy my first BlizzCon experience, so the next few video logs I'll be uploading that I took at the Con are just that.. Personal video logs. XD Hope you enjoy my silliness if anything. Here's the first video: just me vlogging on the way to pick up Crykoda and Mikey from the airport. =3

Friday, November 11, 2011


Patch 4.2.2

I'm not dead! I swear I'll have a BlizzCon post up soon, I just have a lot on the list first! XD Prioritizing is not one of my strong points. Saaarryyyy. <3

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Legendary Shoutout from THE Athene

Patch 4.2.2

If you don't know who Athene is, I don't know where you've been! He's the BEST PAL-A-DIIIN IN DA WURLD!!! Subscribe to my channel and don't forget to subscribe to his channel if you're not already! --

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little late but... Happy Brewfest!

Patch 4.2.2

I swear I wasn't drunk when I recorded this video. But I was definitely tipsy a little while after XD. And to all of you beer snobs, give it a rest with the "Heineken is piss" comments. If you must know, of all the beer that I've tasted in my life (which isn't a whole lot) Blue Moon Belgian White is my favorite. I also enjoy Newcastle, Sam Adams, the local breweries' reds and ambers... and I'm just not a picky beer drinker. XD There have been known sightings of an Ember with Corona, Budweiser, even a one-dollar "forty" of 211 Steel Reserve! lol.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Personal Reflection (continued)

Well friends, thank you for all the healing vibes because I have no doubt in my mind that your well wishes helped! TMI: I passed the kidney stone and now I just have to take it in to the doctor to get it analyzed so they can give me more specific info about how unhealthy I am lol. XD

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts in this little "first time" of mine. I was scared to tell you the truth and I still am a little scared about what the doc's gonna say, but we'll see. Much love to you all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Personal Reflection

Let me preface with this: this blog entry is a personal reflection of recent events regarding my health. No cause for alarm here, I simply wanted to get my thoughts out of my head while I'm thinking them...

Last week, Nuku took me to the hospital at around 10pm Wednesday night for the first time in my life due to some really painful aches in my lower back (or so I thought that's where the pain was from). I felt silly since I've never gone to the hospital before and we don't even have a regular physician. We even went to the wrong entrance where a nice lady in "Patient Registration" directed us to the ER! There was a family in the waiting room when we arrived so I was nervous about how long we'd be waiting. But I filled out the short information form and the triage nurse called me up in less than 10 minutes. She asked me to pee in a cup which was fail because I had just gone to the bathroom at home before Nuku took me to the ER because I thought I just had some really bad gas cramps! XD The nurse sent me back to a curtained off room where I signed more paperwork as another nurse hooked me up to an IV and drugged me with three drugs (I can't remember the names of atm) to get rid of the pain quickly. The doctor told me I may have a kidney stone. They ordered me a CT Scan, that was another first for me too, and results showed that I do in fact have kidney stones. "Of note, there is a duplicated left kidney." hehe.. Ya, I just found out last week that I have 3 kidneys too. The doctor compared the abnormality to having a 6th finger. =3

So he wrote me a prescription for some Vicodin for when the pain comes back since the stones aren't big enough for invasive treatment/surgery (thank gods!) but I'll have to pee the damn thing out! He gave me an odd strainer thingy and said that until I "catch" the stone, they can't really tell me anything else about how the stone formed and what I can do to prevent them in the future. XD Sorry if this is way too much information, but I am thoroughly amused that I have to strain my own urine and actually look for a stone as small as a grain of sand!

My family doesn't have a history of kidney stones that I know of, but my mom's side has a history of diabetes. Doc said It can take up to 2 weeks for a stone to pass so I'm doing a little more research on kidney stones in the meantime so I at least know more about it. XD

I'm turning 27 at the end of November and this incident has given me that feelin' old mentality! At least it's helped as far as reminding me that I need to take better care of myself. I popped a pill just a minute ago since the pain is what prompted these thoughts in the first place. Hope this passes before BlizzCon and not during! XD The pain is unbearable when it happens, but that's the problem: it's really random and sporadic. Wish me luck with this. Thanks.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Patch 4.2.2

New vlog today!

I have been getting so many messages asking me, "Where are you?" on YouTube that I finally buckled down and recorded a quickie for you today! By the way, you all make me feel SO loved and awesome with your messages that I am feeling like an asshole not giving you more regularly scheduled content! But that doesn't mean you should stop sending me messages! <3 Hehe. XD I really am sorry about the lack of video content lately, but I've been busy with my costume and other artsy things... AND to be totally honest, I'm still not completely over the whole idea of "Who would care to hear and watch me talk about my-fat-self anyway?" XD.

Aaanywaayy, I decided to shorten the video title from "Weekly Talking Fun" (like the previous vlogs) to just "WTF". I swear, only 3 people even saw that acronym which was the whole reason why I even wanted to call it "Weekly Talking Fun" despite the horrible English... But maybe it was just so under the radar barely anyone noticed. And if you DID notice, and didn't say anything, well.. Kudos to you even though you didn't say anything to me about it! ^_^

So, in this update video, I just show off some progress on my costume and some gift art I've been working on for my friends in the WoW/YouTube community. Also Please don't expect a song from me before BlizzCon since I'm devoting all my free time to these projects and the cosplay thing is a lot bigger a project than I thought it'd be XD. I'm SO glad I started it when I did!

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the video!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cosplay Update!

Patch 4.2.2

Firstly, I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping you up to date with my [what were supposed to be] weekly vlogs. DX I haven't posted a new video since WTF#9 three weeks ago! But in my defense, I have good personal reasons for skipping them! Besides real life stuff going on like my nephew's second birthday and getting out of the house more regularly, the time away from my computer has paid off in that it has given me enough time away from WoW and YouTube to finally make some decisions about what to do for my cosplay for BlizzCon! And with the new project underway I'm getting some serious BlizzCon fever!

Tin foil armature ready for paper clay.
So, I've decided on Dwarf Shaman in T10. Reasons: 1) Because dwarves have skin color that I don't have to use body paint for; 2) I LOVE Shaman T10; and 3) Dwarves don't require stilts. XD As a sidenote, I still plan to do a Dreanei or Worgen cosplay at some point with those stilts that I commissioned, but as of now I don't see it coming together in time for BlizzCon this coming October. The stilts are simply not 100% ready for a costume because they still need permanent straps to hold my feet securely onto them. In the test video I uploaded to YouTube a while back, I improvised with some rope and just tied my feet down. XD Heh.. Yeah, dangerous... But not only that, the metal is RUSTING! I mean, I knew ahead of time (before Gir shipped them to me) that I'd have to figure out a way to strap my feet on somehow myself, but the rust was a surprise to me. =[ I picked up some "Rust Destroyer" and some Plasti-Dip spray for them, but that project will have to wait until after BlizzCon since I'm going full speed ahead on this Dwarf Shaman idea.

I did a little shopping over the weekend and now I have pretty much all the supplies I need for building this costume. I even ordered some blue LED "Power Dots" from for the lighty bits of the gear set ^_^. And those shipped so fast: ordered on the 23rd and they arrived at my house on the 25th! I'm still not exactly sure how to go about building everything, but I'm pretty resourceful, so I know that I'll at least be proud of the final outcome. I'm so excited!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekly Talking Fun #9 - Succubus Live?

Patch 4.2.0

Another vlog. And I sing Succubus live. Sounds poopy stupid webcam software..RAGE. Oh well. I ain't gon' redo it. So... deal widit. <3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Four Point Two

Patch 4.2.0

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I made a real written post on my blog, so I thought I'd take a moment...
[Server] Shutdown in 1:00
... to write you all a real blog post full of stuff that I have been too lazy to write about...
[Server] Shutdown in 0:30
... Hehe, I find it so ironic that on the nights that I decide to stay up all night and play WoW I forget that it's Tuesday and an inevitable shutdown is scheduled...
[Server] Shutdown in 0:15
... But it makes this moment a really good opportunity to tell you about my WoW shenanigans while I'm still in a WoWy mood. XD

So, I rarely ever queue for heroics without a tank friend since I refuse to heal just for insta-queues, but last night I decided to just do it, and the average wait time was way less than it usually is for a DPS by about 10 minutes! My guess as to why it was a shorter wait time is probably because of all the straggler Tanks and Healers trying to cap their Valor Points for the week! XD Anyway, I ran a couple "random" Zandalari Heroics (both Zul'aman..yuck) and then a random regular Heroic (Shadowfang Keep) and the groups I PUG'd with were such good sports!

I was in a stupid "I'm famous" mood tonight (lol), so I pooped my YouTube URL chat macro in Party Chat at the end of the instances and I felt really embarrassed when the healer in the first group actually knew who I was... DX Mind you, I don't click that macro in every single group I PUG... I'm not that full of myself lol... and usually no one even knows or cares about WoW parodies or so it seems ^_^. So, I was happy that someone knew me, but I was terribly embarrassed at the same time. Hehehe... *awkward grin* But the rest of the group all were genuinely interested in the link and actually went to it! XD Such nice folks online in the wee hours of the morning, I swear...anyway... XD

Regarding the title of this post: I am really liking 4.2. I think it's because it's easy mode for me, or I have discovered a way to get gear faster than I usually ended up with in previous patches. I'm totally diggin' the ability to convert Justice Points into Honor Points! Because now I can put together a decent PvP set to stop hating PvP before even setting foot in a Battleground!! XD I'd definitely not consider myself the PvP type, but if you watched the tail end of my Livestream this last Sunday, you may have seen an Isolte PvPing AND Arena-ing!!! And what's cool about running a bunch of Zandalari Heroics is that I got PvE gear from Boss drops while farming JPs to turn into HPs. Win. Win. Win. XD

Honestly, I never thought I'd ever step foot in an arena, but Crykoda was obviously very successful in convincing me to join him in 2v2 (Feral Druid + Enhancement Shaman). I honestly never thought the resilience gear was going to make that much of a difference for me (cuz I always just thought I sucked at PvP though I never had the gear, mind you...) so I assumed I just hated it and would never PvP at all 'til very, very recently ^_^. After getting just 2 pieces of the Valorous set and hopping into BGs and Arenas... I think this PvE and lore junkie may actually ENJOY PvP! Whodathunkit?! It's funny too 'cause I could have had 2 more set pieces than I have now because I stupidly thought I'd enjoy PvP healing, so I wasted some Honor on 2 healing pieces. But Crykoda and I did a test 2v2 where I just stayed in my Enhance PvE spec and PvE gear... And we found ourselves #WINNING!! LoL.

It's funny right now too because as I type this, my spec is still the same as it's always been: Enhance PvE. I never respec'd for PvP and our Wins-Losses in 2v2 is 24-23!! Haha. Maybe I should buckle down and do some Enhancement Shaman PvP research... or I'll worry about that later.

All I know is: I'm having fun right now and that's all that matters. XD

Friday, July 15, 2011

Patch 4.2.0

Here's a PvP video for all you people begging to see me PvP.

LOLOLOLOL I feel like I just trolled all of you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekly Talking Fun #6 - WoW!

Patch 4.2.0

New vloggy woggy uploaded. So, you all probably know by now how incredibly lazy I am, and to further prove my laziness, I bring you a completely unedited vlog. XD

Collabed with PlayerPOV again
I'm Livestreaming every Sunday
And if I'm too lazy to record future Wednesday's "Weekly Talking Fun", I'll post a bulletin and a comment on my YouTube channel about livestreaming instead!


- So, tell me how to properly pronounce the word "meleé" XD
- Do you have any suggestions for a "Weekly Talking Fun" intro?!?!
- What class is your main?!?!



Friday, July 1, 2011

Oops I'm bad & New Parody Out!

Patch 4.2.0

If you haven't heard, I released a new parody today! And it is available for download right NOW! (The download link is in the video description.)

And I'm bad and I forgot to post my last vlog on my blog. DX

Monday, June 27, 2011


Patch 4.1.0

Heeeeey grrrrls (and guys ^_^)! I just thought I'd share this tender.. I mean EPIC moment with me 'n Crykoda that happened on our latest Livestream yesterday! We're seriously thinkin' about doing a Livestream every Sunday but we're still being really lazy about strapping down and deciding on a specific time! XD But please follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook if you'd like to stay up to date with the very latest news, info, and video uploads RIGHT AWAY!




Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where'd You Go?

Patch 4.1.0

I guess this post is unrelated to WoW in the fact that this video/song is not about WoW in any way shape or form... BUT it's definitely blog-worthy here in the fact that it's ME singing and Crykoda rapping ( and he and I met each other through the WoW parody YouTube scene, so there ya go: 6 degrees of Kevin Bac.. I mean.. WoW relation. ^_^

If you don't know who Crykoda is, please check him out! Subscribe to him on YouTube and Like his Facebook "fan" page ( In short, he's a WoW parody rapper/lyricist/comedian and an overall great, loud, obnoxious, geeky guy.... Yes, ladies, he's definitely a heart-breaker. XD *winks at Koda*

This video is Koda's remix of Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go". The chorus (that I sing) is the same as the original song, but the rap'd verse is an original written by Crykoda himself. I hope you enjoy the vloggy "liveness" of the vid! *blushes shyly*

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Can't Win Enough

Patch 4.1.0

Collab'd with H.O.Y.T. (HordeOnYourTube) fiiiinaaalllyyy. ^_^ I only say "finally" because we've known each other for a while and have talked about collaborating and it's just taken us this long to get together... Which is funny because he contacted me about it and I recorded my part for him that very day and it was all done and posted by the end of the day! XD Anyway... For your listening pleasure... "Just Can't Win Enough"!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekly Talking Fun!

Patch 4.1.0

I'm so bad at this online-presence-management game! I forgot to post my new vlog here on my blog YESTERDAY. I'll get better at this I swear! XD YouTube makes it so easy (lazy) with automatic Tweets when I upload a video, and Twitter makes it easy (lazy) with automatic posts to Facebook. XD

I gotta find a way to make Blogger auto post my uploads.... Oooor maybe not because I like having y'all know that I'm an actual person here instead of a dumb posting-bot. So ya, nevermind. I just gotta remind myself to post HERE the same day that I upload new videos! XD I get so excited about posting the video on YouTube that I completely forget to embed it anywhere else! Hehe.. Now I'm just rambling and you'd probably rather WATCH me ramble than read it, so here ya go!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Friendship

Patch 4.1.0 OMG I forgot to change this on the last few posts DX

This is why it pays to be best friends with a machinimator... O_O JUST KIDDING, RAVEN! I love you-- Please don't hurt me. XD <3 Thank you for the dedication, my friend. I'm getting this creeping feeling that I owe you now though with how much awesome stuff you've created for and/or having anything to do with me! XD

Friday, June 3, 2011

F*CK IT! We'll do it live!!!

Patch 4.0.6

The flood gates have been opened.. I think I may becoming addicted to all the incredible viewer feedback I've been getting on my vlog. So, I've decided to combine what my subscribers love the most (my singing) with an actual vlog.... SO, I DID AN ATTENTIONWHORE KARAOKE! WOO!

Non-Scripted Viewer Interaction: Yay or Nay?

Patch 4.0.6

Can you believe I actually posted a legit video log/update on my main YouTube channel for once?! And I've decided to make this a regular thing since there really is no valid reason for me to have more than one channel. I plan to bring you update vlogs every Wednesday in between the once-in-a-blue-moon-music and other random crap I throw up on

And I know it's FRIDAY atm that I'm posting this video here on Blogger, but you'll have to forgive me for forgetting to embed the video here on this first one! I have to admit I was still iffy on the whole idea all together, but I can honestly say by now I've been thoroughly convinced that this regular vlog-update business is a must-do!

So, if you're subscribed to my other "vlog channel", expect to see a huge drop in activity over there. XD Anyway, thanks again to all of you, my friends and fans for coming along with me on this experimental YouTube ride. Your love/awesomeness/encouragement/curiosity is what makes this all worth it! I love you all!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess What!

Patch 4.1.0

I'm goin' to BlizzCon 2011!

Got my ticket yesterday! I was 1070 in the queue. =3 WOOO! I'm so excited! This will be my first BlizzCon so I have no idea what to expect! I've been to sci-fi and furry conventions, so I have a small idea of what the geeky con-goers may be like. But I'm so anxious to see the EPICNESS of the convention space. Most of the cons I've been to are all hosted in hotels and the ones at the convention centers I've been to I imagine can't even compare to BlizzCon.. sooo *squee* I'm excited!

Since I live in Northern California, I'm planning to just drive down to Anaheim, but we'll see. I've got months to plan and things may change. But one thing I'm sure of is that I'm SO gonna be there!!! \o/ I can't wait to meet some of the incredible people I've gotten to know, adore, and love in the WoW Community: Rawrbug, Asiko, Summergale, Crykoda, just to name off a few people that I know are planning to be there! Woo!!

I just wanted to update my blog here in case you haven't heard from my Twitter and Facebook. By the way, if you aren't following me on Twitter and you have a Twitter account, please follow me!! I use Twitter the most out of all the "social networks" I frequent and I have my Facebook set to update my status with my Tweets! XD Sooo, if you want to be the first to hear news and updates from me, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! And if you hate Twitter, well, that's your thing. And if you follow me on Twitter AND Facebook.. well.. Sorry for the double posts! Lol.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Troll Month Coming To an End

Patch 4.0.6

Before the month is officially over, I got "called out" by my friend KeroZero on the "Troll Month Cypher" that Turelium started. So, I gave it a go ^_^. I met Kero and Turel in the chat a few months ago and maann, if you haven't heard about FMR, I highly suggest you go check it out. It is the only internet radio station I know of that plays WoW parody music along with mainstream licensed music and other general gaming and geek parody music. AND you can potentially chat with some of your favorite WoW parodists! XD *whispers* That and I'm allowed back there after having a falling out with the radio manager. Bygones = bygones. =]
AND you can find a link to FMR on the "Community" page on my blog!

So anyway.... Here's my Cypher! And btw, this is my first time RAPPING in public EVAR, so feel free to laugh. XD

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow!

Patch 4.0.6

Are you ready for a collaboration of cute, cuddly, kitty proportions?! Actually, I don't know how "cute" it is, but this super fun collab has been just sitting in my To Do list for a few months now and I finally got my ass in gear and recorded my part for it. I even wrote it myself and it still took me forever to just sit my ass down and record... It didn't help that I had not one but TWO colds recently. Ugh. Let's hope whatever was going around stays away from me for good this year! XD

Anyway, I really hope you like this parody even if you don't play a Feral druid... or any druid for that matter. I am a huge fan of Crykoda's, so I'm SOOOO happy I finally have an official collabo with him! XD Enjoy!

One last thing! Please don't be offended by the lyrics if you're a furry! I consider myself a furry too, so I was only poking fun at people who play druids and insist that they aren't furry since they think we're oh-so-bad. Also, I'm not saying that all ppl who play druids are furry either!! XD

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Get Down! (ゲッダン)

Patch 4.0.6

Just wanted to post this video on my blog before it gets too much older than it already is! The meme is already old enough! XD

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April is Troll Month!

Patch 4.0.6
Hey guys, heads up! In just a few days it's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, maybe not for everyone, but for the Trolls of Azeroth, and troll-lovers and friends everywhere April is Troll month! Brought to you by PvPGurl Gigi, Silver Letomi, and Tyranno the First.

To kick off this event in true troll style, tune in to on April 1st to hear and watch the premier of Silver Letomi and Gigi's newest song about trolls-- "Jujufied" with machinima music video produced by Tyranno! But wait, there's more! Not only is the Troll Month YouTube channel featuring this one new song, but in an ongoing celebration of the trolls of Azeroth you can expect to see new videos, music, and lore vlogs about your favorite troll empires!

Head over to Troll Month now and subscribe! I'm creating a surprise video just for Troll Month, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No, I'm not a minor. I'm a miner.

Patch 4.0.6

I found a pleasant surprise in my inventory when Cata hit. This particular item has been in my bags since forever ago... probably when Isolte was around level 15 or so from Deadmines (and you might just think this is really stupid) but I'm really happy about this so I decided to express my little sliver of happiness with you. ^_^

Ok, so.. Just for fun, I've always wanted that rare quality mining pick, the [Digmaster 5000] (a rare drop in Uldaman,) just for the simple fact that it was the only blue mining pick in the game that "Also serves as a mining pick." To my surprise, my [Miner's Revenge] has been upgraded from a green to a blue having been changed to "No longer available" as a drop in the game.

Apparently, the [Cold Iron Pick] was also upgraded from green to blue and it drops from Hogger in the new Stockades now. ^_^ So, there are now 3 rare mining picks, only 2 of which still drop in-game..

Is it dumb that I feel special-er for having this pick instead of the one I've checked the AH for and farmed for years?!?! I think not. ^_^ *giggles* Yes, it's the little things in life... *smiles contently*

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Respect Your Elders

Patch 4.0.6
I know I'm way behind the times on this achievement, but I just finished up Glory of the Hero tonight. The reason why this is even blog-worthy is because of how tickled I am by the way Nuku and I got the achievement. XD

So, Respect Your Elders was the last meta-achievement I needed before getting my hands on the Reins of the Red Proto Drake and Nuku and I gave it a go... two-man stylez. With Nuku as a bear and me as enhance, this was actually really difficult since we figured going in that I'd need to off tank the Guardian(s)... Well, we died 3 times since I couldn't stay alive with all the extra adds on me, and for some reason, the guardians would NOT stick to me. For some reason, Nuku and I have a sneaking suspicion that Blizzard changed something in the way that they aggro a tank, cuz the boss and the guardian would just automatically run to Nuku even without him taunting... So we came up with a stupid plan...

I pull the boss into the room just before his room (to get away from the eggs that the adds spawn from) while Nuku hides in the corner and tries not to aggro ANYTHING 'til the guardian comes out. And we hoped that I could just stay on the boss while the adds attack Nuku...

What happened: I pulled the boss to the other room, Nuku accidentally taunted the boss when the add spawned. He even yelled to me IRL,
"Awe damnit, Crystal I taunted the boss!! I'm sorry!!"
I said, "Whatever just keep the adds off me!"
And the adds were on me anyway... I died! BUT Nuku shadowmelded and the guardians and adds despawned WHILE THE BOSS STAYED AGGRO'D ON NUKU!!
So, I excitedly yelled,

So, I rez, we kill the boss, BAM achievement achieved. We lol'd hardcore.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Small Quick Update

Patch 4.0.6

I finally hit 85 last night in Twilight Highlands. I skipped Uldum completely, going from Vashj'ir to Deepholm to Hyjal (yeah weird order) to Twilight Highlands. The main reason why I skipped over Uldum is because I have a personal love for all things Egyptian and I wanted to savor the zone instead of grind through it just to level, if that makes any sense. I'm actually gonna finish off Twilight Highlands before hitting up Uldum too just because I like to quest and know about the lore of the zone.. even the filler quests.

Speaking of filler quests, there is one in Twilight Highlands that merits a longer, more in depth post from me, so expect that within the week or so. Anyway.. Feels good to be out of Tier 10 and in some random shit. I haven't stepped foot in a regular dungeon on the way from 80-85, but that can wait cuz I likey to questy. ^_^

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Potential WoW Parody Collaboration ^_^

Patch 4.0.6

I decided to submit an entry for Zharkan16's song contest! His initial contest video can be viewed here: And if you haven't subscribed to Zharkan on YouTube yet, please don't forget to do that now because he's an amazing WoW Machinimator and the talented rapper/lyricist who pulled me in for "Pugs All Night"!

And now, without further ado, here's my entry for "I Will Catch You" by Zharkan16, a WoW parody of "Tonight I'm Lovin' You" by Enrique Iglesias!

A funny little sidenote: this is the first "song contest" I've ever entered on YouTube, but even if I don't win, I'm beyond happy with this song because it was a freakin' blast recording and producing this track since I've always wanted to do a "Tonight I'm Lovin' You" parody/cover. =3

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know this isn't exactly WoW related, but after seeing those ads on Wowhead for Rift that say, "You aren't in Azeroth anymore..." and knowing a good lot of my friends are checking it out, I decided to see what Rift was like firsthand.

My immediate thoughts on Rift after only playing for a few hours:
- The built-in UI customization is very liberating!
- Gameplay, keybinding, controls, targeting are all EXACTLY like WoW XD (not sure if that's a good thing or not.. Good if they're lookin to steal players from WoW's playerbase. Bad for WoWers who might be lookin for something "new".)
- Graphics are really pretty to say the least!
- The actual Rifts in-game are an insanely cool concept that makes the world feel epic at any level and the open option to join a "public raid" when someone "opens a Rift" tickled my fancy ^_^.
- Talent.. I mean "Soul Trees" are WAY, way, way customizable but I fear that come end-game there WILL be specific builds that are "the best" since end-game will never be as dynamic as any review makes Rift sound like it will be. Lol.

So, I got to lvl 9 and got bored. XD But I want a pony tho so I'll keep playin til this beta period is up. If anything new comes to mind, I'll be sure to share. <3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fistful of Love

Patch 4.0.6

Huge thanks to Ssob of Korgath for hooking me up with some alliance noobs for the achievement, [Fistful of Love]. What a nice guy. He pretty much spent a whole hour with me just creating new toons for me to get this achievement. And no, I didn't convince him to help me by saying I'm a girl or anything! lol. He just saw me in Horde Trade looking for a Troll Rogue and said that he'd help me out with Alliance too! Then he offered to friend me on RealID. Oh ya, he didn't make a new DK though, he just grabbed a guildmate. ^_^

But anyway, I wish I could repay him somehow cuz it was just so nice! I'll be sure to pass on the niceness where I can, because that's the least I can do. <3 *Feels the love*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the Horde?

Patch 4.0.6

Hello Everyone! It's been far too long since my last update and I apologize for that since this one may end up being a lot longer than I thought it'd be! XD Don't worry, you non-reader types, there's a TL;DR at the end. Hahah! So, there hasn't really been much going on for Isolte, my main. Leveled her to 81 about a month after Cataclysm hit due to a huge lack of free time over the holidays and well into January and I haven't touched her since. =/ I'll get to leveling her eventually since she is my main. ^_^

And... BAM! Run Deathwing Run!

In between my last post and now has been the "official" release of the music video for Run Deathwing Run, an awe-inspiring, all-girls parody collaboration of epic proportions including vocals from me, Letomi, Sharm, PvPSiennah, Gigi, Rawrbug, Lihoification, and WoWAriel, beautifully machinimated by the talented RavenSylphe. The song alone officially made it's debut on just a few weeks before the video was released and from what I've heard (from a few radio DJs on FMR), Run Deathwing Run, a.k.a. RDR has been a huge hit, being one of the most requested songs to be played! So, if you haven't heard the song or seen the video, I urge you to stop reading and click play on the video above right now!!

On to other "news"... I recently received some fanmail that really, really made me *squee* with joy. ^_^ I won't post the whole letter, but Beruthiel of Scarlet Crusade (US) had this about li'l ol' me:
"You made the Forsaken sound and look as cool as they (we) really are. I am grateful more than I can say. If only the rest of the Alliance were as big-hearted as you. Maybe you can teach them?"
*Giggles* Reading something like that from someone who had just explained what a die-hard horde character they are was very gratifying. The author continued to enlist me as an honorary member of their guild, "if ever you visit, however unlikely..." so I decided to take up the invitation! I leveled a troll shaman, luckily named Isolte, to level 10 on Scarlet Crusade and have been checking back often to grab a guild invite. ^_^

Speaking of horde and leveling... I decided to level yet another shaman. This one, however, is not like all the other level 10's I've randomly made. This one here is a keeper and I plan to level her all the way to 85 so that I have 2 max level shaman at my disposal (as soon as I level the Alliance Isolte anyway). Plus, I couldn't bring myself to faction change and server transfer my main because Antonidas has just become her new home and RavenSylphe is there! XD But my new horde shaman's name is Isolte too and I got her from 26 to 40 yesterday! ^_^ *feels so lucky that Isolte isn't a very common name*

And.. that's about all I can think of at the moment as far as an update goes. Thanks for reading! See you all next time!


1. Isolte's still lvl 81
2. Watch Run Deathwing Run if you haven't seen it already!
4. OMG, I rolled a horde shaman (currently lvl 40) because I couldn't bring myself to faction change Isolte. XD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011