Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ooh, Shiny!

Patch 3.3.2

Lookie what I got in my [Bag of Fishing Treasures] today! ^_^ I really have no more use for the [Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole] since the [Jeweled Fishing Pole] has the same +30 to Fishing, shammies have [Water Breathing], and the jeweled pole is just WAY prettier.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lil' Game Hunter

Patch 3.3.2
Updated my account^_^. I finally got three more pets today to achieve Lil' Game Hunter! Yay for the [Little Fawn's Salt Lick] If you're curious about my pet "collection" you can check out my profile on

RL Friends + WoW = Fun

Patch 3.3.2

Last night I had so much fun doing lvl 80 randoms with my friends, Taursparkles, Mango, Darksparkles, and my hubbers, Nuku ^_^. Despite the fact that I bit Taur's head off at the beginning for 'poking fun' at our gear, we have the make-up of a really solid 5-man. (Two druids, a shaman, a rogue, and a mage ^_^.) I'm looking forward to joining up with <Legacy of Shadows> after I transfer <New Moon> to an alt. I really want to play with my friends again so the old guild has got to go to an alt.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Randoms" Shout Outs!!!

Patch 3.3.2

Did some randoms on lowbie alts yesterday and today. Just wanted to say it was awesome "meeting" you all in-game!

  • [Mossberg] of Darkspear (US)
  • [Vol#$!%#$@] of Boulderfist (US) - Tauren Druid.. I just forgot ur toon's FULL name, or I'd link ya. lol.
  • [Zaush#*&$@^^%#] of Boulderfist - Troll Shaman.. Forgot the rest of ur name too.. =( sowwie. I knew I shoulda screencap'd it!
  • [Leathyrface] of Bloodscalp (US)
  • EDITED 02/24/2010: To add these guys too!
  • [Yoshimori] of Boulderfist (US)
  • [Mahnar] of Feathermoon (US)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

WoW Armory Model Viewer

Patch 3.3.2

It's cute. I like it. Especially the fact that now others can see how ur toons really look. (Like which face, skin color, and features your toon has. ^_^)

EDIT: 2010-04-17 -- The Armory has been taken down ever since the introduction/merge of So what USED to be here was the cool armory embed thingy. But it no longer exists! DX

Friday, February 19, 2010

YouTube Rant

Patch 3.3.2

I've come across a few YouTube users who have "re-uploaded" videos from my channel to their channel (Not favorited, flat out completely downloaded and re-uploaded). I understand that this is gonna happen with all the software that exists to download vids from YouTube, but my rant is: WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT?!?!

If you like the video, FAVORITE IT! If the original poster deletes his/her video or account altogether, then that's how they want it. Respect that. You know what I'm sayin'? My problem with it is the fact that pirated uploads take away hits and possible channel subs from the original posters. We don't get paid for what we do, but what encourages most of us to keep posting is all the comments, subscribers, and video hits we get.

So please.. If you like a video on YouTube, please don't steal it and re-upload it. FAVORITE IT. That's why the feature exists...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Attention Whore

Patch 3.3.2

Ok, so a few Twitter followers got to hear it first, but now it's your turn. I've posted my new parody song to my Soundclick page.

AttentionWhore on

Please tell me what you think. I tried to get that gritty, distorted radio sound but I think I over did it with the distorted vocals. I might re-record the lines that are bothering me later if they still bother me. lol. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wait.. how'd I miss this?!

Patch 3.3.2

'Altoholic' was ALSO featured on WoW Insider's Moviewatch on the 3rd!

Oy! I found out because I noticed 'Altoholic' had a strangely LARGE number of views. Lol. And YouTube's video insight feature showed that an embedded player on was the source of all the hits ^_^.

All I can say is, "Awesome".

Shut Up and Blog!

Patch 3.3.2

Wow, Disani just posted the video for Shut Up and Grind last night and it's on WoW Insider's MovieWatch today. ^_^ I'm very pleased with the way the video turned out and I'm crazy excited that it's on WoW Movie Watch. I haven't even gotten around to uploading the video on my own YouTube Channel 'til now!

In other news. I'm finding out that my MobileMe isn't the greatest place to share my songs for download on since it says right in their ToS something like 'if you exceed the downloads per month bandwidth limit, we have the right to deactivate shared files, restrict access to your iDisk, and/or terminate your account."

So, if anyone has any recommendations for a reliable ftp or host for my mp3s for ppl to download for free, I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking for some place that's 1) Free. 2) Reliable. 4) Relevant. As in, a website with content mostly geared toward music. 3) Not someone's personal server/ftp. Thx. =)

Oh, and my video's done uploading...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love Is In the Air!

Patch 3.3.2

*Sings* Love is in the air.... everywhere I look around! Love is in the air! Every sight and every sound.

Today Nuku and I finished up our achievements for 'the Love Fool' title. I'm not really caring about getting a permanent Mr. Peddlefoot, nor will I be heartbroken if I don't loot a [Lovely Black Dress] for the last two achievements in the Love Is In the Air world event. But there's still some time left for that if I happen to. All I'm happy about is that we've completed the meta-achievement, Fool For Love for What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been. XD

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

*Happy sigh*

Patch 3.3.0

Before I hit the sack, just wanted to shout out to Disani! Thanks for making a DK on my server and running around Hellfire with me and Nuku tonight. It was a nice 'welcome back to the game' for me, since I had been on a WoW-hiatus last month. Hehe.

Awe man!!! I didn't even screen cap anything for cheesy scrapbook memories!!!!111 XP And I still gotta make you a new background, don't think I forgot about it ^_^.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My guild is no more.

Patch 3.3.0

My guildies were harassed by other players about our guild name, New Moon, (thanks to the ever-so-infamous Twilight/New Moon series) so they decided to gquit and started up a new guild.

And, I guess there was a miscommunication, but I think they thought that Nuku and I were going to join them. =/

  1. Nuku and I paid for the guild website. $60/year. And we pay $4/month for the Vent. Out of the few months that our friends were in the guild, no one offered to contribute. And nobody really even used the site, so I can't blame anyone for that =(. And I know that $4/mo. is a very small price, but it adds up. =/
  2. I created New Moon way before the vampire/werewolf saga even existed. It's unfortunate that other players harass other players in general, and I'm sad that our guild name became a topic of shit-talking to the point where my friends can't even bear the words above their toons' heads. =/
  3. In all my time in New Moon, I can honestly say that only about 3000g total has ever been put into the gbank by all of our members combined. And that was after I bought all 9000g worth in tabs. =/

  1. I'll have the gbank to myself again for my and Nuku's alts. Yay 4 hoarding. ^_^
  2. I won't feel like I wasted money on a site that no one uses anyway.
  3. What's the point in being in a guild anymore when the PUG system exists?
  4. I don't have to feel obligated as guild master to "run" the guild.

So, yeah. Whatever. When in-game things like this get on my nerves, it makes me not want to play WoW anymore. I have to admit that a part of it re-hashes my social anxiety and that's why it gets on my nerves so badly... 'Cuz it's a freakin game. It shouldn't upset people out of game.. at all. [PERIOD!]