Friday, November 26, 2010


Patch 4.0.3

Ok, I'd like my 50 [Champion Seals] back please, Blizzard.

I bought a [Stormwind Tabard] from the Stormwind Quartermaster, Corporal Arthur Flew located at the Argent Tournament grounds less than a week ago for 50 freaking [Champion Seals]. That's at least 3.5 days worth of dailies. :( And now we can purchase one for 8 silver. *grumps*

I hope that this tabard conversion is a bug and that the Champion Tabard will at least look different or do something special-er than the one we can now buy for 8 freaking silver from the City Quartermasters! DX

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  1. I sense much rage within you ember!
    *incoming star wars gag*

    JOIN ME! and together we can rule the ragemos togther side by side!