Friday, May 14, 2010

AttentionWhore Gearsets Almost Complete!

Patch 3.3.3

Today I decided to ask Trade for a [High Councilor's Sash] (of ANY enchant) to complete the 1st of Isolte's outfits in the AttentionWhore music video, since I wasn't having any luck farming it on my own, and I never ever see it on either horde nor alliance Auction Houses. I offered 1000g for the belt and got tons of whispers asking why I want it that bad. Lol. I took the opportunity to point curious individuals to my YouTube, and got many others saying things like, "I'll go farm that right now!!" Haha. After a couple hours of just hanging around in Trade, someone whispered me to tell me that they have the belt on their horde alt and if I'm serious about paying, they'd go on ahead and bring it over to the alliance side for me. ^_^ So, I now have my belt.

That's two sets complete: the 1st one (I'm calling it the "Slexy Pirate" set) and the 2nd ("Slexy Red") one. Now all I need is the [Elegant Tunic] to complete the 3rd ("Slexy Gold") one. ^_^

And actually if you Armory Isolte right now, I logged out of the game with the Slexy Pirate set on. Haha.

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  1. I happen to see your outfit on Cael AH for like 20g, shamefully i cant get it too you, can always have it on my Shammy to make you Envious ^_^

    I like how your Actually RPing your Charcter out for this, its a wonderful idea