Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pugs All Night

Patch 4.0.1

New release! A parody of Timbaland's "Give It To Me", I bring you "Pugs All Night" written by Zharkan and Mr. HealerDealer, performed by both of them and li'l ol' me. And machinimated by Zharkan himself... which is cool cuz' he's an AMAZING machinimator with a large following already on YouTube, and the best part is it's him who is actually rapping in this one! So it's kind of a debut of sorts. Hope you guys enjoy this one, the lyrics are awesome and I had a hell of a great time trying to keep myself from dancing my ass off while recording this one! LOOOOVE this beat! ^_^

And.. if you have any question regarding my character in the vid.. it was my idea hahahaha. Zharkan and Mr. HealerDealer are horde... you'll see. XD


  1. Sooo good! I love the lyrics!! <3

  2. @Nichole - Thanks for sayin' so! And hey, thanks to you, I got my hooves shined at the shoe-shiner in Dal for the first time. ^_^ You post about really neato-burrito stuff in your blog, the hidden but really fun stuff I love to find in WoW too. XD *follows*

  3. that was so awesome!! i can't wait to share it with my guilddies (if you are ok with that) tonight!!

    glad i ran across your blog, very interesting :)

  4. @CrazyMomma - I am definitely okay with the sharing of my videos! That's what they're on the internet for! And I'm glad you ran across my blog too. The more people I find that actually find it interesting, the more I want to share with y'all. :)

  5. Awesome vid my brothers and old vanilla tank and I'm his healer so this is our new song. Gj