Sunday, September 26, 2010

Real Girls Do Play WoW :)

Patch 3.3.5

Just a video plug for my [Girls Do Play WoW] CafePress shirts. I'm "modeling" the women's organic fitted tee in the vid. :) It's me "vlogging", so ... ya..


  1. Such a brave soul to vlog. I'm still too scared to post my morning audio last one fell prey to a bad scraping jingling noise (I had my mike attached to my work badge).

    Keep it up! I'd love to see and hear more from you :)

  2. Consider yourself encouraged. I loved how you were nervous but since you wanted to vlog you did it anyway! That's great. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you and please do keep singing.

  3. Good to see the face behind the voice. (I know, this isn't your first vlog but I just got here by way of a link my husband sent me.) Great vlog. Keep up the good work. I may have to get myself a tshirt now :)

    Goldie/Zurena@Eitrigg, another girl who plays WoW.

  4. /encourage keep it up!

  5. I hope you don't mind if I share this on my FB. I have a few female friends that love WoW =)

  6. @Shawndra - Huh, that's a pretty clever idea recording audio during your commute. And thanks for the encouragement!

    Shamir - Thank you for the encouragement. And I am definitely still singing, just waiting for my collaborators to give the okay on releases. There's definitely one song ready for me to show you all, 'cept I have to wait 'til after BlizzCon to show you! (October 23rd) And the other 2 songs, are in process of being machinimated. :)

    Goldie Katsu - Thanks for commenting. :) I'm so happy to hear from other WoW Ladies! I don't think I even said this in the vlog, but I designed the logo on the shirts myself. I'm not usually this excited about my own work, but I really do love the female symbols for the letter O's! XD

  7. Lets say if i want to collaborate as well... so what do i have to do?

  8. @Britshilia - I'm not exactly sure what your asking. If you're wondering about my new "Collaborations" page, it is a place where I'll be linking my previous music collaborations and partners. If you'd like to work with me on a new song that you already have the idea/started lyrics for, feel free to email me or contact me via YouTube telling me about your idea, link your YouTube channel, and/or link me a sample of your previous stuff. I only consider serious inquiries.

    And please understand that I can't (and honestly don't want XD) to work with everyone as I am pretty picky about what I'll perform/who I'll perform with, so please don't hate me if I turn you down. Since this whole WoW thing is just a hobby for me, RL comes first. That, and I already have a lot on my plate as it is.

    If you meant you'd like to collab or contribute to this blog, I'm sorry but I'm not looking for other bloggers as this is pretty much Isolte's personal blogspace/website.

    That was a good question and I will likely repost this info on my Collabs page in case anyone else is wondering the same.