Friday, October 15, 2010


Patch 4.0.1

I was coo with 4.0.1 'til I found out THIS:

So, [What a Long Strange Trip It's Been] is utterly pointless for me ONLY ONE FUCKING WEEK BEFORE I COULD EVEN HAVE GOT THE ACHIEVE. Fuck 4.0.1. *cries angrily*

"Mounts obtainable after 4.0.1 no longer have speeds..." the speed is saved to the rider. So, if you had a 310-mount BEFORE Tuesday, you don't have to pay the 5000g for the 310% riding skill in Cata... So, that basically means I was fucked out of a 310% speed mount AND not having to spend 5000g on the new riding skill BY ONLY ONE WEEK. DX. Fuck you Blizzard.


  1. Blizzard is pure evil at some times! ;_;

  2. Does the achievement not just give you 310% now?
    And maybe the mount as well?

    If you're looking to buy the 310% before that, check out your faction Northrend landing zone (Warsong Hold for Horde) where you can get a reputation discount.

    Either way, it is a bit crap of Blizz to suddenly open up 310% to everyone rather than those that have worked for it (and I say that as one of the slackers).

  3. Wow. That is beyond awful. Clearly, it must have affected a bunch of other people, too, maybe you could somehow appeal/petition/sell your soul to Blizzard to allow it for the people that were that close. Super bummer, I'm sorry to hear that. Personally, I had a ways to go for the achievement, so I didn't even think about it.

  4. My wife and I have been doing this ach all year. I'm a little scared to tell her abt this.

  5. Oh, here's some (hopefully) good news...

    Zarhym: "I have a slight update to spread to the masses. We are going to be adding a hotfix for the achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been. This hotfix will make it so that obtaining the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake will award players Master riding.

    The way in which 310% will be awarded is going to be a little quirky at first, but we plan to make it a more smooth process in a future patch. For now, you will need 280% flying in order to learn to use the Violet Proto-Drake. Once you mount the drake for the first time it will teach Master riding. The only catch is that you have to dismount and mount the drake again in order for 310% speed to take effect."

    So once you get your Long, Strange Trip, you'll have a free 310%. GL!