Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weta Legs Update :(

Patch 3.3.3

I just copied and pasted the post I made on the "Hooves" Yahoo Group since I don't feel like rewording it. XP

"Hello all,

I was apparently one of the very few people who actually ordered "Weta Legs" from Weta/Performing Legs Ltd. I received an email just yesterday informing me that Weta has regretfully decided not to proceed with production on the stilts. The return of my order is pending at the moment, and I am very upset that they resorted to NOT building the stilts for customers who already placed an order. >:( I mean, why take my money, tell me that they "build the product on a per order basis," and then decide not to build them at all? ....*sigh*

I'm more upset that they haven't made an official announcement on the WetaLegs webpage for people who were interested and/or saving up for a pair: ..Weta simply removed the darn page. >:(

So here I am, returning to the Hooves group to look for digitigrade leg-extension alternatives. Thank you for reading. And thanks for being the best source of hoof-leg information to date!! I wouldn't have even known about the Weta Legs if not for this group (and a friend who has been a more avid member than myself. I'm pretty sure you know who you are.) XD

-Ember Isolte

P.S. And for those curious, the email I received is as follows:

"Dear [my real name :p],

I would personally like to thank you for placing an order ([my order number]) for Weta Legs.

However I am very sad to inform you the uptake of Weta Legs has not been anywhere near our hopes or expectations. Performing Legs Ltd has therefore had to make the incredibly difficult decision to not proceed into production. Unfortunately this means we will not be able to supply your order of Weta Legs. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this will cause you.

After all the interest and encouragement that Kim Graham had received from you and other fans, we were quite confident that demand for Weta Legs was sufficient to commence production. Unfortunately we just did not get sufficient number of orders.

It pains us, and of course Kim Graham, terribly that we've had to resort to this drastic measure and we would like to assure you we haven't taken this decision lightly.

Of course, we will be giving you a full refund for your order. Our team will be processing your refund to your credit card in the next 48 hours and I sincerely hope it will reach you very quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sorry to bring you this sad news.

Yours Sincerely

Tim Launder

General Manager, Weta Limited"


  1. That's really aggravating. :/

    It's kind of obvious that they were kinda marketed to a specific group. And, with the cost involved, it would be hard for most people to suddenly pull that much cash out of thin air.

  2. That's sad. Here's hoping you can find a good replacement.

  3. There's if you feel brave.

  4. *hug*

    I'm sure you'll find the hooves you need to cosplay the best Draenei ever!

  5. Well, that sucks big time. I hope you find someone else who makes them.

  6. I too am sad that Weta is not producing the leg extensions. Have you found anything available that even comes close to their design?
    If so let me know.
    Stephen Chiodo

  7. i made these in like 4 hours they are a little heavy but they are solid and confortable to stand in for long periods of time but dont count on them being easy to walk in being that there heavy and the base that touches the ground is so big which i did so that they were comfortable and easy to stand still in.

  8. Area51 do some digitigrade legs. These are based on the design that Weta came up with so should suit.