Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Patch 3.3.3

I just wanted to take a moment to thank and praise Valandhra for the free port(s!!), [Netherweave Bag] and [Frostweave Bag](s), and Stockades run, Azzad for kindly giving me 20 gold, Bordos for the bags, and all the nice folks in trade who answered questions for me regarding their server. Nuku and I have been lurking around on other servers, potentially finding a new home because Daggerspine and PvP is getting.. well, old.

I am looking into finding an RP server to make a home of, and Cenarion Circle fits our bill so far! Server time is aligned with our time zone, areas of all levels (so far) have been very nicely populated (as compared to the completely desolate leveling zones on Daggerspine), and the people are so polite it makes my head spin!

We haven't decided on transferring any toons to Cenarion Circle because I'd like to level a character to 80 to see what the server is like from more points of view than just end-game. But maybe when we hit 80, we'll see about transferring at least one of our alts from Daggerspine.


  1. RP servers are really nice ^^ depending on the server of course. I was on Wyrmrest Accord for a long time, horde side mostly, it's one I could definetly suggest, since it is the only one I've ever been on x3 But I've definetly met some nice people on both sides playing on a toon from either faction. But I've found RP servers, in general, to be pretty good places to find mature, friendly players.

  2. Hm, what about Isolte then, will she be transferred too?


  3. Speaking of server transfers, are you doing the arena tourny this month for the pet?? I need two partners because mine bailed on me =(

  4. i've deduced that RP servers are so nice because all the macho WoW players wouldn't be caught dead on an RP server. so they troll the normal and PvP servers, leaving only the people who play to have fun for the RP servers

  5. @RavenSylphe - I saw that Wyrmrest Accord is also a PST server, but what drew me to Cenarion Circle was the Alliance population. Coming from a server where Alliance never owns Wintergrasp, I was pleased to find that Alliance on Cenarion Circle is the dominating faction. (Believe me, it is really, really hard to find an "Alliance" server. lol.) So many people play horde! I may roll a horde character on Wyrmrest Accord however, since your main is horde there, right? Already saved the name "Isolte" as an orc shaman. hehe.

    @Ilysandrin - Since the name is taken on Cenarion Circle, I've been reluctant to transfer Isolte from Daggerspine. I plan to level a paladin on CC to 80 before I even think about transferring characters from Daggerspine at all.

    @Nate V - Sorry, no, I'm not much of a PvPer, hence the urge to transfer to a new NON-PvP server. ^_^ Good luck in finding new partners! I heard that the Arena server is pretty fun because of the insta-OP factor. :) But not worth the $25 to me.

  6. The Servers I can suggest (since I've been playing since Vanilla WoW as well) are Kargath (Normal Server), Earthen Ring (RP) (Horde Dominated, but Alliance owns WG just as much as we do), Gnomeregan (I have a few alliance toons there), and that's about it. Kargath is pretty much Horde heavy though. Earthen Ring is pretty well balanced (My GF and I have our own guild there) and if anyone is wanting to just relax and putz around Horde side, Look up Mordanan, Zarivia, Illisyandara, Tarcalgriond, Rallmornitac, Melisyandara, Thylindrya, Lokiryandorn. And whisper us, we'll gladly give you a home in our guild. We don't believe in "kicking" for offline toons until about 8-12 months, so far it's just me and the GF in it.