Girls Do Play WoW

It is a well known fact that part of World of Warcraft's huge player base is female. The title of this blog reflects that fact and is honestly not meant to be condescending to other female WoWers. It has been said in Trade Chat, on multiple servers, in multiple languages.. you've probably seen it before too, "Girls don't play WoW!" And if you haven't seen it, you probably weren't in a capital city long enough! XD This blog is the author's playful rebuttal.

*DISCLAIMER: I don't represent every female WoWer, and I don't claim to in any way shape or form. If you're a fellow femme that would like me to do or say something differently to better represent the female WoW-population, then please, by all means, contact me and/or comment on my posts! XD And if you are a male WoWer who believes that I represent all female WoWers, then you have problems. =p

Isolte, more commonly referred to by her real-life nickname, Ember, hopes that women WoWers who find this blog will have found a fellow gamer girl they can simply relate with. She also hopes that, by blogging about her WoW experiences, guy WoWers may gain a little more realistic insight on how and why some* girls actually play the game.

The Girl Behind the Toons

Ember has been playing World of Warcraft since its release in November of 2004. Working as a freelance Graphic Designer and as a full time employee of a very large technology company based in Cupertino, California *cough....cough*, she was naturally drawn to the Warcraft Universe via her interests in fantasy, art, & computer games. She took a hiatus from the game in late 2005 and actually considered never coming back because of her previous experiences with 1. never having friends online consistently enough to group with, and 2. having a college social life. But in 2006 when she met her husband, who just happened to play WoW as well, he sort of re-introduced her to the game. She got The Collector's Edition of The Burning Crusade for his birthday (not even a copy for herself) shortly after its release. She was still skeptical about coming back, but while her husband was installing the game, she leafed through the Artbook and the awesomeness of the female draenei characters drew Ember right back in.