Thursday, January 10, 2013

[EmberVlog] Romire is Awesome!

Patch 5.1

An update in video form! :3

The gist:
- I got a new doggy IRL.
- I'm passing that other kidney stone RIGHT now. Literally. =/ Yay for Oxycodone-Acetamiophen!
- Romire got me a birthday present that I open up "live" in the video! (...about a month after I actually received it. lol)
- I'll be streaming with Twitch again!

Sometihng I forgot to mention in the video:
- You can download my ringtones for FREE from the Free Downloads tab on this here bloggy woggy. I'll be cutting and posting up more from my other songs for you in the future, but please be patient! These things take time. :]

Thanks for reading and hopefully enjoying the video too!