Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Patch 3.1.1

Ok, so I've been hanging out on vent a lot lately and today it just seems to get on my nerves and make me not want to play WoW for a while. It's been great being on more often since I've been playing with a friend a lot more, but his friend is starting to get on my nerves and I've only played with this guy a few times.

So, I personally can't stand people who seem just outright selfish in-game, and I'm getting the vibe that this guy is really selfish and/or just young-minded all together. I understand feeling like you need to get all the gear when you re-rolled factions on a new server for a friend, but this guy sounds just annoying. He talks about getting gear and flat out using people like its all apart of the game and it just makes me so annoyed, I want to either mute him or just quit vent.

Specific example that got me annoyed: My friend and our guildmate, Death, is a scribe. He's still in search of the new Glyph Mastery books to learn the new 3.1 glyph inscriptions. Nuku, my husband, found a Glyph Mastery book and just gave it to Death. And I'm sure if Death wasn't a scribe, Nuku would have asked if anyone in the guild needed the book. This annoying guy on the other hand, found a Mastery book and put it up on the AH. =/ That's just selfish IMO. I mean, yeah, it was his loot, he found it, and he can do whatever he wants with it, but doesn't that seem like a selfish move knowing that there are scribes in the guild that could have used the book AND are friendly people enough to help you out where they can? I mean, Death has done nothing but hook us up with lower level glyphs, and even farm for stupid rare loot because he's just "bored".

The bottom line is, I don't help selfish people in-game. If someone asks me for help, I give it where I can even before I even know the person. But if they won't help me or a fellow guildmate, then they weren't worth the time I spent helping them. Gah!

Update and ChipIn

Patch 3.1.1

I almost forgot about this blog, I've been so busy with my personal website, guild website and life! Anyway, I got my Loremaster Achievement on April 9, 2009 and I was so happy! Other than that, I've been running 10-man Naxx weekly. All my gear is pretty much Naxx10 and I'm really happy I got [The Stray] and [Kel'Thuzad's Reach] in one run! I ran 25-man Malygos once. Maly is so much fun I must say. As much as people talked about it on vent, I never knew that phase 3 was a vehicle fight! I'm shocked that my computer didn't crap out with all the drake-wing-flapping like it used to do when I would simply be standing there at the Wyrmrest Temple. *thank goodness* I would have hated to lag out on that fight. I didn't get any loot, but even if nothing dropped for me from Maly, I'd love to do that fight again!

Also, I've been playing with a couple guildmates a lot more often than I thought I would be. I'm glad to have found a few guildees to do ANYTHING with throughout the day since it gets kind of boring even doing dailies alone.

And one more thing: if I haven't already told you, I'm the web mistress for the website (http://massacre.guildomatic.com) and I've been trying to find a good way of accepting donations to keep our site running with the Basic Package benefits. Previously, I've been using my PayPal to create donation buttons to put on the site, but I always felt that it was lacking a visual updated total for guildmates to SEE on the site too. So, I searched and searched and found this awesome donations/fundraising tracker called ChipIn. What's cool about it is the fact that it uses my PayPal, so no new accounts to setup, and it shows an updated total automatically in the widget you can customize to put on your site, blog, or wherever! See, look!

EDIT 07/07/2009: Took down the widget since I am no longer maintaining Massacre's website. (Nor am I in the guild. lol. More on that later.)