Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Update and re: My Cosplay Idea

Patch 3.3.3

About the cosplay idea I threw out to y'all just the other day... Your support for me on this is already so great! It's really encouraging, making me want to start building together an IRL gearset. (I sew, did you now that? Anyway...) XD Thanks again so, so much for the support you're giving me now, the support you also gave me way back when, and the support you may give me in the future!

And here's the small WoW update: I want to remember the 28th of April just cuz it's the date I decided to hop on Cenarion Circle and start leveling a toon to check it out over there. So far, I am absolutely loving the paladin class AND the people on CC. I don't think I'll ever replace Isolte as my "main," but so far on this other server, my pally is my "main". Heh. She's already lvl 43 with the help of my hubster's lvl 65 pally whom he just x'fered over to Cenarion Circle complete with bags n' gold and other crap we thought would be useful. ^_^

Anyway, that's all for now. Cheers!

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