Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BlizzCon Tickets Go On Sale Tonight!

Queue up your browsers and prepare for the e-line! BlizzCon tickets go on sale tonight at 7pm Pacific. Click here to head over to the official ticket sales page! And good luck!

Oh ya, guess what? Announcement: Nuku and I are officially planning to attend!!! *squee* That is if I can grab some tickets!! Hope I can score tickets tonight!

EDIT: Doood. Didn't win the clicky game today by a long shot. Was #8,000 in the queue when they sold out! Wish me luck on Saturday though! Tickets sold out tonight in approx. 20 minutes. Geez.


  1. It's too far and expensive for me, but I'm hoping you get them! :)

  2. @Snowhawk Przhevalsky - We've never been to BlizzCon before so my husband and I thought it'd be cool to at least try and go this year. If we miss out on tickets this Saturday, I won't be too heartbroken though. Just means we'll have the money saved up for something else.

  3. I won the clicky race last year and bought two...then proceeded to realize that I so couldn't afford to fly to the states (rather fly back...) and gave them away for free for peoples birthdays.