Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know this isn't exactly WoW related, but after seeing those ads on Wowhead for Rift that say, "You aren't in Azeroth anymore..." and knowing a good lot of my friends are checking it out, I decided to see what Rift was like firsthand.

My immediate thoughts on Rift after only playing for a few hours:
- The built-in UI customization is very liberating!
- Gameplay, keybinding, controls, targeting are all EXACTLY like WoW XD (not sure if that's a good thing or not.. Good if they're lookin to steal players from WoW's playerbase. Bad for WoWers who might be lookin for something "new".)
- Graphics are really pretty to say the least!
- The actual Rifts in-game are an insanely cool concept that makes the world feel epic at any level and the open option to join a "public raid" when someone "opens a Rift" tickled my fancy ^_^.
- Talent.. I mean "Soul Trees" are WAY, way, way customizable but I fear that come end-game there WILL be specific builds that are "the best" since end-game will never be as dynamic as any review makes Rift sound like it will be. Lol.

So, I got to lvl 9 and got bored. XD But I want a pony tho so I'll keep playin til this beta period is up. If anything new comes to mind, I'll be sure to share. <3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fistful of Love

Patch 4.0.6

Huge thanks to Ssob of Korgath for hooking me up with some alliance noobs for the achievement, [Fistful of Love]. What a nice guy. He pretty much spent a whole hour with me just creating new toons for me to get this achievement. And no, I didn't convince him to help me by saying I'm a girl or anything! lol. He just saw me in Horde Trade looking for a Troll Rogue and said that he'd help me out with Alliance too! Then he offered to friend me on RealID. Oh ya, he didn't make a new DK though, he just grabbed a guildmate. ^_^

But anyway, I wish I could repay him somehow cuz it was just so nice! I'll be sure to pass on the niceness where I can, because that's the least I can do. <3 *Feels the love*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the Horde?

Patch 4.0.6

Hello Everyone! It's been far too long since my last update and I apologize for that since this one may end up being a lot longer than I thought it'd be! XD Don't worry, you non-reader types, there's a TL;DR at the end. Hahah! So, there hasn't really been much going on for Isolte, my main. Leveled her to 81 about a month after Cataclysm hit due to a huge lack of free time over the holidays and well into January and I haven't touched her since. =/ I'll get to leveling her eventually since she is my main. ^_^

And... BAM! Run Deathwing Run!

In between my last post and now has been the "official" release of the music video for Run Deathwing Run, an awe-inspiring, all-girls parody collaboration of epic proportions including vocals from me, Letomi, Sharm, PvPSiennah, Gigi, Rawrbug, Lihoification, and WoWAriel, beautifully machinimated by the talented RavenSylphe. The song alone officially made it's debut on just a few weeks before the video was released and from what I've heard (from a few radio DJs on FMR), Run Deathwing Run, a.k.a. RDR has been a huge hit, being one of the most requested songs to be played! So, if you haven't heard the song or seen the video, I urge you to stop reading and click play on the video above right now!!

On to other "news"... I recently received some fanmail that really, really made me *squee* with joy. ^_^ I won't post the whole letter, but Beruthiel of Scarlet Crusade (US) had this about li'l ol' me:
"You made the Forsaken sound and look as cool as they (we) really are. I am grateful more than I can say. If only the rest of the Alliance were as big-hearted as you. Maybe you can teach them?"
*Giggles* Reading something like that from someone who had just explained what a die-hard horde character they are was very gratifying. The author continued to enlist me as an honorary member of their guild, "if ever you visit, however unlikely..." so I decided to take up the invitation! I leveled a troll shaman, luckily named Isolte, to level 10 on Scarlet Crusade and have been checking back often to grab a guild invite. ^_^

Speaking of horde and leveling... I decided to level yet another shaman. This one, however, is not like all the other level 10's I've randomly made. This one here is a keeper and I plan to level her all the way to 85 so that I have 2 max level shaman at my disposal (as soon as I level the Alliance Isolte anyway). Plus, I couldn't bring myself to faction change and server transfer my main because Antonidas has just become her new home and RavenSylphe is there! XD But my new horde shaman's name is Isolte too and I got her from 26 to 40 yesterday! ^_^ *feels so lucky that Isolte isn't a very common name*

And.. that's about all I can think of at the moment as far as an update goes. Thanks for reading! See you all next time!


1. Isolte's still lvl 81
2. Watch Run Deathwing Run if you haven't seen it already!
4. OMG, I rolled a horde shaman (currently lvl 40) because I couldn't bring myself to faction change Isolte. XD