Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Patch 3.3.5

Just a quick question that I do not expect quick answers for: What do you do when someone starts to RP with you to the point that they're [annoyingly] emoting FOR you?

Example: "AnnoyingRPer sheaths his sword after the kill while Isolte's eyes meet his with a shocked and slightly excited gleam in them." Please gag me with a totem!


  1. Umm, yuck. I'm not sure what you do... I've never run into a problem like that... my guess is "OCC: Isolte would never do that, you freak."

  2. @Anna - You made me lol so hard. <3

  3. As an old Rper i must say that is disturbing.

    My initial reaction is that firstsly one needs to tell the other part that their behavior is not acceptable, if this does not work i would presoume that ifalls under harrasment and blizzard would have to straighten the person out.

    i know that neither of these cenarios is very RP but still..

    With regards from 2 swedish fans :) (me and my wife)

  4. Emote that I put on my robe and wizard hat and then pretend to be a shemale.

  5. @Snowhawk Przhevalsky - Yes. Laughing commenced. I didn't laugh at him in-game though. I actually asked him to stop puting words in peoples' mouths, like any reasonable person would do. :) But I still laughed. XD

    @tobias - Yes. I resorted to the "((OOC: Please do not emote for me or anyone other than yourself for that matter. It is quite rude to put words into other players' mouths.))" I didn't really have to mention how his emotes could have been taken as harassment, but I think he got the picture.

    He apologized and said that he'd like to practice not doing that anymore. :)

    Oh, and greetings to you and your honey-bunny-wifey! *hugs*

    @Dan - Though I really do think it would be funny, /dance-ing would only encourage or support his behavior. =/

    @Michael - EPIC WIN... That is, unless he's into that. XD

  6. See, there are reasons I don't RP much/at all anymore. I can't help but snark at them. :D

  7. That's when I leave Cybermoan and go back to Dalaran where I "only" have to deal with the trolls in trade chat.

  8. I think she should have asked if he wanted to cyber and then when he said yes she could have replied with Ok I will be your mom and you be every guy on this server.