Sunday, April 25, 2010

My man is big...

Patch 3.3.3



  1. Reminds me of this video/song. :D

  2. hahahaha, wow xD

    Do I see what I think I see?
    Is that my design I see upon thee?

  3. @Misae Silverfall - Love Jonathan Coulton.

    @RavenSylphe - Teehee! Yes it is! I added the [Flameheart Bracers] to the set too since I was farming primals for the [Flameheart Vest] anyway. I'm actually farming for the gold AW set by chance too at the moment since I'm doing lvl 60 zone-rep-grinds and the [Elegant Tunic] and [Elegant Leggings] are drops off lvl 52-68 Rare Elite mobs. =/ WEEE!!

  4. haha, well I wish you good luck with it :3 if you need any help....I'll see what I can do x3

  5. Isolte, the quickest way to farm the Elegant Tunic and Elegant Leggings is through running Blackrock Spire. After watching AW, I wanted that gold outfit so bad on my character that I went and farmed >_< I found two tunics and three leggings in a space of a couple hours in BRS. Just a heads up :) Good luck on farming.

  6. @Shirokei - You are AWESOME! Thank you so much for tip! Now, if anyone knows a good place to farm for the [High Councilor's Sash], I'd be all set with all three AW sets. ^_^