Friday, May 21, 2010

I liked it, so I rolled need on it...

Patch 3.3.3
I feel like I've been neglecting my li'l blog here in that I left some pages unfinished and that it desperately needs a new look. I'm just bored of the header already, hehe. =/

So to satisfy my tiny upgrade needs at the moment, I made my Characters page a little more complete, moved my social network links to the oh-so-appropriate Contact page, added a new link to the Caf├ęPress Shoppe, and added a "ChipIn" fund-raising counter to the sidebar for anyone so inclined to donate to my cosplay fund.

About the Shoppe: I just added a few "designs", but there will be more to come. And if you have any suggestions and ideas for designs or items you'd like in the store please let me know.

About the "ChipIn": All contributions made through "ChipIn" go directly to my personal Paypal account. This is not an organization you're donating to, it's just li'l ol' me. So, excuse me if it's gauche to ask for donations, but the cosplay isn't just for me you know! ^_^ Also, I don't have anything put together in the form of a "Thank You" package just yet, but for contributions over $25, expect SOMEthing. ^_^

That's all I have for you today. 'Til next time, Lovelies!

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