Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally found a home for my stream!

Patch 4.3.0

Hey everyone! After trying out, and I've finally found a home for my broadcast with! Huge thanks to all of you viewers for being so patient with me and my sporadic testing-out all these websites, because I know how annoying it is to register new accounts just to be able to chat with me and the other viewers on different sites. But rest assured that I won't be switching for a really long time (if ever) because of the amazing things that are happening with me,, and ...drum roll please...!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I got to be a dragon! ..sorta.

Patch 4.3.0


If you haven't seen the Deathwing "end-game" cinematic and you're a lore buff, I suggest that you don't watch this video. But if you know about what happens after Deathwing dies, then please enjoy this humorous take on what happens next. Scripted, machinimated, and voiced by THE Myndflame, featuring my petty voice talent as Alexstrasza herself, please enjoy "The Day After the Cataclysm Ended"! (I hope I did the Life Binder justice!) XD

Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Live Gaming Broadcasts

Patch 4.3.0

After finding out that is not as free as they advertised (by finding out the hard way--that they ALLOW you to go over the "free" bandwidth limit), I started broadcasting with a.k.a. So, there shall be more of me live-streaming WoW (and possibly other games, including some old school SNES and Wii games since there will be a video capture card in my possession in the very near future ^_^...)

For a little taste of stream footage, I put together this video advertising my stream on YouTube. Please enjoy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

BlizzCon Vlogs - Part 5

Patch 4.3.0

Ok, I have to warn you: if you don't enjoy the "F" word, please DON'T watch this video because I probably said it way too many times to even sound like a normal person. =/ With this video, I've realized just how often I swear in public and how stupid I sound as a result. So with that said... For those of you that want to watch, in this video I met Athene and his crew. It blew my mind so much that I couldn't get over it.