Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts at 4am

Just woke up from a good sleep; I'm planning on going back but before I go, I had to spit this off my mind. So, if you didn't already know, I'd really, really like to cosplay Isolte IRL. And I'd love to do live performances or even just live recordings for YouTube as Isolte if not live-live. ^_^

There are these amazing digitigrade stilts made by special effects company, Weta in New Zealand that I'd absolutely LOVE to have to "complete" Isolte's look. (If youre at all curious, please google "weta legs" and you'll see the stilts. I'd provide a link if I wasn't lazy/posting from my phone!) So my thoughts are this: before I even think about dropping $800 on these awesome stilts (which I would actually have other uses for than just Isolte cosplaying, if you don't understand that, just trust me) I was thinking on getting back in shape and trying out what I can pull together at the moment for costuming as Isolte. I know I'll never look like the waif-thin Draenei female, but I know it is possible to get close!

So my request for you is to simply support me and to not run away, scared when I post eventual pictures of my costume-building and getting-back-in-shape process/hopefully progress!! And if it's not too gauche, later on I may ask for donations in exchange for special gifts to help fundraise for the legs if all goes well and the if cosplay idea seems worth it! But more details on that if this idea actually comes to fruition.

Tell me what you think! Nothing is set in stone, I just felt like tossing out the idea to get a feel for what people think. Also, just warning you that pics of the RL me may pop up on this blog! *gasp* (and I promise that I will never make this blog about the personal me. It will always be about Isolte... who is me, but.. Ah, you get me, right?!)


  1. OMG! I'd love to see a RL Isolte. And not just because I want a Draenei walking around at home (though... That would be awesome! >=D ).

    I wonder what the order time is like. If you ordered them now, would it take a week, two weeks, a month to get them? Gotta order in time for Blizz Con!

  2. Those stilts from the NZ company are awesome, but I get you can find some better, less expensive options online. :3

    If you haven't there's a group on Yahoo called "Hooves" and that's ALL they discuss: digitigrade leg extensions for hooved critters. One guy, Cordite, made his own a few years back, and they're being used for a movie him and another guy are filming (and I may be in on this project as an extra if I'm needed. *gasp*).

    Go look them up. :3 The lady that created the ones in NZ is in the community too. :)

  3. *kneels* I swear to you that you will have my complete and utter support.

    Eeee! I can't wait to see a RL Isolte! It will be so awesome!

  4. @Nuku - Ya.. cuz we're going to BlizzCon? Riiight... Pfft! Maybe if I get a job [like] right now, we can afford both the legs and tix to Con! Lawl.

    @Snowhawk Przhevalsky - I am already a member of the Hooves Yahoo group, and unfortunately, I cannot find a less expensive option online that I TRUST with my ankles!

    I've had a crazy obsession with digitigrade stilts for many, many years now, and only if I was an engineer would I trust myself or anyone else to build a set for me that I'd feel safe in. The Weta Legs are to my knowledge the only stilts designed in such a way that they are both safe and affordable for the amount of custom fit you get when they build them. A safe, custom built alternative would end up costing just as much from what I've gathered in my research. ^_^

    And the Hooves community is how I came across the legs in the first place, when Kim Graham first posted her test video, before she even got in touch with Weta. XD

    @RavenSylphe - Thank you! I just hope that I don't disappoint! Hah!

  5. Good luck, I'm sure you can pull it off and look good! :)

  6. I would like a pair of those myself but onlly if they could look like cat paws and still have that same bounce demo'd in the video. Anyhow, I fully support your efforts.

    Incidentally, only the most slender-boned individual could fully possess the Dranei body. If you are one of those 5% of people more power to you. If not, there is some wiggle room. Im liberal about cosplaying and bodytype of the character but I know some people will be critics no matter WHAT you do. Just dont let those people matter so you can go out and have fun as your cahracter.

    Someone had suggested (after seeing my Krystal cosplay) that I should do a Na'vi character. I outright refused. Unlike the Krystal cosplay, Im not even CLOSE to a Na'vi body since Im not close to 9 feet tall and the Na'vi bone structure is not possible unless you are somebody from a famine-laden country and have underdeveloped bones. LOL


  7. You has my support and I'm sure I can pitch in with donations...*does the math against bills and college debt* >.<

    I actually live in Australia and I've seen those stilts at just about every cosplay, anime-mania, game-con, whatever, that I go to. I think they are the epitome of awesome-sauce when it comes to cosplaying as a hooved or insect-legged creature. I'm sure if you get them, you'll lubs them.

  8. You could never dissapoint me, girly ^^

  9. Looking forward to see ya in costume ember. I think its a good idea and you could definatly make paid appearances as well making your bottom line in black instead of red. Donations would also be good for initial cost.