Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now this is racin'!

Patch 3.3.5

My favorite part of Brewfest is definitely the Alliance [There and Back Again] "daily" that involves riding a ram between the Brewfest grounds and Kharanos to pick up and deliver kegs. My husband and I were curious to find out just how many laps one can do, so I busted out the stopwatch and timed my husband on his run. :)

I really believe he found THE best way to do this only using 2 of the 4 apple barrels located on the "track".

His method:
1. Run directly toward the Apple Barrel located just after the tiny bridge and jump over it.
2. Run directly toward the 3 trees that are on the left side of the path (don't run ON the path because you'll miss the barrel) and jump over the 2nd Apple Barrel located just behind the snow mound.
3. Turn to head back before even catching the Keg!
4. Hit up the same 2 Apple Barrels on the way back.
5. Turn around at the quest giver/as soon as you throw the Keg.
6. Repeat!

Here are his lap times:

Lap #TimeLap #Time

And if you didn't understand my text explanation of how to do it, here's a video of me running around on my druid! XD


  1. I like the race the barrels thrown at me =D

  2. Awesome, that's the route I use. :D

    I need to find out the Horde one, since my other shaman and my paladin are there...

  3. You can actually skip step 2 to increase time, but it's easier to make a mistake if you don't hit that barrel there.

    Sadly, if I could find a quicker method, I could get 18-19 drops in. On my 17th drop, I have 35-38 seconds left on the clock and I know the route I take isn't fast enough to get it in that time.