Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Patch 3.3.5

So, I decided to look up my first WoW toon that I ever made on the armory, a night elf druid named "Emberisolte". And I found TWO other Emberisolte's.... It kinda weirds me out because I dunno if I should be flattered or paranoid. But for the record, the only toon named Emberisolte that IS me is the lvl 25 nelf Druid on Uther realm. Here are the other two who are not me lol:


A level 12 draenei hunter on Shu'halo whose armory profile I can't link :( because of an "unexpected error". Oh well..

I'd link my druid's profile too, but there's an error for her for some reason too. May be because my account is curently inactive lol. =/ Oh well.. I'm tempted to send in game mail to the other Emberisolte's when I reactivate my account just to say HI. lol.


  1. Yeah Gigi has 3 pages, Nyhm has a page, i have about 7 Romires, They do it sometimes to Emulate their idols or to gain upper hands in some cases, I would call this a honor my friend. thats all i can say

  2. I think it's probably flattery in your case. Our guild used to be very unique and now you look it up and there are pages and pages of guilds with the same name, most of them with no members?!? ... we're thinking that might have something to do with hackers, but who knows ... I think you should send them in-game mail though lol ... they'd probably tell you how much they love you :)

  3. @James Wragg - Ya, I figured with a name as crazy unique as mine, I should be flattered that a couple of people wanted to name their toons the same. :)

    @Erica - Hehe, this phrase comes to mind when I think of how unoriginal something might be, "You're unique.. Just like everyone else."
    *giggles* I'm gonna level a little Isolte on their servers to 6 because I think I'll have enough copper by then to send a mail. XD

  4. Flattery. =)

    A unique name like that doesn't just come along!