Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Noblegarden!

Patch 3.3.3
Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I know some of you may have spent Easter Sunday getting all your achievements for Noblegarden completed if you didn't last year. But for those of you who haven't yet started, here is my guide for getting the most out of your Noblegarden week!

If you're planning to get "the Noble" title, here's what you'll want to do!
  1. Speak to a "Commoner" NPC in various capital cities to pick up the quest Spring Gatherers (Horde) or Spring Collectors (Alliance).
  2. Go to a starting area. I personally recommend Azure Watch (Draenei area to the east of the Exodar) for Alliance and Falconwing Square (Blood elf area just west of Silvermoon City) for Horde. The respawn rate of the Brightly Colored Eggs that you will be hunting for in these areas are the fastest IMO, while both areas are also small, allowing for less time running/more time looting!
  3. Pick up the daily [The Great Egg Hunt] (Alliance)/(Horde) and [A Tisket, A Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket] (Alliance)/(Horde)
  4. With the Tisket, Tasket quest you will receive an item that I highly recommend equipping and using the entire time you're running around searching for eggs: an [Egg Basket]. It's basically a nonstop sprint buff if you use it consistently. ^_^ I mapped the item temporarily to one of my mouse buttons for ease of use.
  5. Start searching! Looting your first egg will give you [I Found One!]. The eggs spawn in some pretty well hidden areas beside posts, in bushes, atop lamps, in crates, and underneath wagons, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled because they don't "loot sparkle". And they only spawn in the starting areas, so no need to wander off outside the area to look for more.. there just won't be any!

  6. Find at least 115 x Brightly Colored Eggs. Your inventory will fill with these fast since they don't stack, but the [Noblegarden Chocolates] stack to 20. You loot one [Noblegarden Chocolate] per Brightly Colored Egg and the chocolates are the currency you use to buy items from the Noblegarden Vendor. Don't worry about buying anything just yet because there is a chance to loot almost* every item he/she sells from your many, many Brightly Colored Eggs!
    * The only two items you must buy are (if you are a mage interested in a new Polymorph spell) [Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit] and at least 1 x [Noblegarden Egg]. The Rabbit Polymorph Tome costs 100 x [Noblegarden Chocolates], in which case I'd recommend you find 215 x  Brightly Colored Eggs total.
    Here are the items that may possibly drop when you loot your Brightly Colored Eggs:
    1. [White Tuxedo Shirt] - You must loot one of these for [Sunday's Finest], however this achievement is not a meta requirement for [Noble Gardener]. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll loot at least one of these from an egg.
    2. [Black Tuxedo Pants] - You must loot one of these for [Sunday's Finest], however this achievement is not a meta requirement for [Noble Gardener]. Again, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll loot at least one of these from an egg.
    3. [Spring Robes] 
    4. [Spring Circlet] 
    5. [Blossoming Branch]
    6. [Spring Flowers] 
    7. [Elegant Dress] - You must loot one of these from an egg if you'd like to achieve [Dressed for the Occasion]. This achievement, however, is not a meta requirement for [Noble Gardener], so if you want your "the Noble" title, don't worry if you don't loot this dress from your eggs. ^_^ The drop rate of this item is a lot lower than the Tuxedo Pants and Shirt. 
    8. [Spring Rabbit's Foot]

  7. Here's a macro I made to make your life easier! It's a one button click for opening and looting your eggs without even having to open your bags! Tip: To create a macro type "/m" and hit enter or go to the Game Menu (Esc) and click "Macros". Click New and name it "Egg", select an icon, press "Okay" and click in the text field and type in the following making sure to have each command on its own line:

    /use Brightly Colored Egg
    /loot Noblegarden Chocolate
    /loot Spring Rabbit's Foot
    /loot Blossoming Branch
    /loot Elegant Dress
    /loot White Tuxedo Shirt
    /loot Black Tuxedo Pants
    /loot Spring Flowers
    /loot Spring Robes
    /loot Spring Circlet
    And drag that Egg button onto your action bar somewhere and click away before your inventory gets too full!
  8. Loot your eggs for the quest items. Note: when you turn in [A Tisket, A Tasket, A Noblegarden Basket], you turn in 10 Chocolates and your [Egg Basket], but you get another, exact same [Egg Basket] upon completion. Just re-equip the new one/remap your action bar if you need to.
  9. Eat 100x[Noblegarden Chocolates] for [Chocolate Lover] & [Chocoholic]. The 25 chocolates you eat for the first achievement do count toward the 100 for the second. ^_^
  10. Make sure you have all of these necessary items before traveling for the other achievements:
    [White Tuxedo Shirt], [Black Tuxedo Pants], [Spring Robes], [Spring Rabbit] (pet), [Spring Flowers], [Blossoming Branch] and at least 1 x [Noblegarden Egg] that must have been purchased from the Noblegarden vendor.
    If you were UN-lucky enough to NOT loot any one of these items from an egg, you'll have to find more Eggs to buy one from the vendor, or hope that you'll loot the item soon. ^_^
  11. Equip your Tuxedo Shirt and Pants and /kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress for [Blushing Bride].
  12. Keep your eyes peeled while you're traveling for females of all races of at least lvl 18 for [Shake Your Bunny Maker]. It helps a lot to track this achievement to see who you've already bunny'd. :)
  13. Take your new pet bunny to all of the other starting areas to watch it make sweet bunny luvin' to other players bunnies for [Spring Fling]. Pro Tip: Bring a friend who has a bunny already to save time. And don't forget to hide your [Brightly Colored Egg] in Silvermoon City or Stormwind for [Noble Garden] (Alliance)/(Horde).
  14. Grab a [Blossoming Branch] and a buddy who also has a [Blossoming Branch], take the portal in Dalaran's Violet Citadel to Tanaris. Equip and use your [Spring Robes] to knock Tanaris off the [Desert Rose] list on your way to Un'Goro Crater, Golakka Hot Springs. Use your branches on each other and wait to lay an egg for [Hard Boiled]. ^_^ After that, head to Silithus, equip your [Spring Robes] again and use it for [Desert Rose] again.
  15. Finish off [Desert Rose] by traveling to the other deserts.
  16. Finish off [Shake Your Bunny Maker]. Good luck with this one, female trolls, orcs, and dwarves were the most difficult femmes for me to find! I hope you have better luck!
  17. You should be all done now, complete with [Noble Gardener]. ^_^
If I missed something, or you have a special tip, please leave a comment! And remember, Noblegarden ends at 11:59 Server Time on April 10th!


  1. Eggcellent post! Now no one has an excuse to not do this meta achievment!

    You rock, love! <3

  2. @Nuku - /giggle.. *puts her hands together so all her fingertips are touching like an evil villain* "Ehggsssellent."

    My goooodness this post took me forever to just be happy with due to Blogger's super lame editor messing things up when I wanted to make simple edits! Oh well. It looks good now, so I'ma leave it alone! Thanks for the egg-couragement? lol.

  3. You're so awesome for posting this =)

  4. The hardest part of this was finding a female gnome (I swear it's like there is only ONE on my server, and she was sitting in Dal on her Mechanostrider giggling while she was being bunny ear camped...) and a female tauren (these are all over, but I had a hell of a time finding one for my paladin's achievement this morning... she was also being camped).

    Thankfully, I'm not seriously doing this on my druid this year. Maybe next year.

  5. @Nate V - You're so awesome for reading it!!

    @Misae Silverfall - Haha, I swear all the Tauren druids, male and female, stay shapeshifted whenever I'm looking for one! I had to resort to looking some ppl up on the armory to check gender lol. And I dunno what it is, but on Daggerspine, there are tons of gnomes all over the place. I'd love to see some charts to compare race dynamics on a server-to-server basis. It makes me wonder how it can affect a players experience. :) It's something I'm really curious about.

  6. Let's see... Draenei females and dwarven females are the worst on my server, I think (Alliance wise). Trolls might be worst horde wise, but I have a female troll, so I've been staying off her during the Noblegarden celebration this year because I remember what happened last year. :p

  7. The realm census is trying to track everything, but Alliance on Executus doesn't have a lot of information. And it doesn't seem to differentiate between male and female characters.

    What's been collected is available here, and it's really interesting to look at:

  8. @Anna - I also have a female troll (my other shaman named Isolté lol. I actually logged her in and sat around in Dal to hook ppl up while I was doing other internety things like Facebook, checking email, and whatnot. ^_^

    @Misae Silverfall - OOooh! Thanks for the link. *checks it out* Wow! That is really neat! There's too little info for my server too. I think I may just download the addon and submit some data to add a teensy bit of help. I'ma bookmark the site. Thanks again!

  9. After messing around with some macros, I found Vlud's Target Sex Mod which adds the hover target's sex to the tool tip. MUCH easier to scan a crowd of players looking for the correct race/level/sex combination. Some of the macros would indicate whether you needed the target player for the achievement, but the downside is that you have to either target or hover over the player and then hit another button.

    For players in the same faction I usually tried to ask rather than shoot first and ask later (if at all). It's a little more tough cross-faction. I found that /wave, /beg and /kneel worked out okay. :) I play Horde (tauren druid), and when I found a female gnome she was in bunny form. I waved and begged, and she shifted out for me to put ears on her. Then I cheered and bowed, she hugged me and we went our separate ways. Gnome and dwarf were the two most difficult for me to find.