Monday, May 31, 2010


Patch 3.3.3

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day and/or three day weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a quick update!

Patch 3.3.3

Last Sunday, I ordered the Weta Legs (see thanks to your very, very, very generous contributions to the "Isolte Cosplay Fund". I've been diligently working on the "thank you" gift(s) if you're wondering where I've been. ^_^ Just want to let you know that I'm breathing as much thankful, creative, loving energy into it as possible!

Also, I plan to check out some costume stuffs at Fanime Con this coming weekend such as contact lenses and other various things I might find useful for becoming Isolte. ^_^ Lets hope I find some more great ideas... speaking of ideas, it just hit me that Draenei have fangs and I already have that taken care of. XD

Anyway, I've been neglecting the game, but fear not my friends! It is all for good cause. I've been contacted by Markee Dragon about writing/singing an intro "jingle" for his YouTube show, and I've further partnered with Per Kiilstofte of THE to compose the music and work with me on the lyrics. ^_^ (Of course, Markee contacted me after my pestering social networking comments on his videos got him to simply check out my YouTube channel! XP)

Anyway, I've said a lot more than I thought I had to say... So, 'til next time! <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Patch 3.3.3

Takin' down the "ChipIn" widget... because the goal IS MET!!! HOLY COW!!!11one

I LOVE YOU, [Names of the contributors to Isolte's Cosplay fund]!!! Dood, you make me cry tears of joy!!! Now I just hope I don't disappoint you with my pictures! Haha!!

*runs off to to make a LARGE purchase* OMG OMG OMG!!

Crazy love to you contributors, I seriously can't thank you ENOUGH!!!! I owe you BIG time!

<3 <3 <3

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cosplay ChipIn

Patch 3.3.3

I'd like to direct you to this link,, for up to date news specifically related to my "Cosplay Fund-raiser".

Also, expect pics of me-trying-to-be-Isolte poppin up on here... I'm kinda nervous because I don't want to ruin the image that is Isolte by slappin my face up here, buuuut, I'll be Isolte/myself (since she is me in a way) as best I can. XD Hehe. I've only ever cosplayed as furry characters before (completely covered from head to toe in FUR) so this will be a new and exciting challenge for me. I'm actually starting to build Isolte's horns and hair combo this week. ^_^ *squee* If you're at all interested in seeing a tiny glimpse of my costume-builiding/sewing skills, please visit my other website,

And to everyone: Thanks for being here for me! Your readership/friendship means a LOT to me. Really.. it does. I won't go into it.. getting all emotional.. <3

Friday, May 21, 2010

I liked it, so I rolled need on it...

Patch 3.3.3
I feel like I've been neglecting my li'l blog here in that I left some pages unfinished and that it desperately needs a new look. I'm just bored of the header already, hehe. =/

So to satisfy my tiny upgrade needs at the moment, I made my Characters page a little more complete, moved my social network links to the oh-so-appropriate Contact page, added a new link to the Caf├ęPress Shoppe, and added a "ChipIn" fund-raising counter to the sidebar for anyone so inclined to donate to my cosplay fund.

About the Shoppe: I just added a few "designs", but there will be more to come. And if you have any suggestions and ideas for designs or items you'd like in the store please let me know.

About the "ChipIn": All contributions made through "ChipIn" go directly to my personal Paypal account. This is not an organization you're donating to, it's just li'l ol' me. So, excuse me if it's gauche to ask for donations, but the cosplay isn't just for me you know! ^_^ Also, I don't have anything put together in the form of a "Thank You" package just yet, but for contributions over $25, expect SOMEthing. ^_^

That's all I have for you today. 'Til next time, Lovelies!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Game Master Flyor Is My Hero

Patch 3.3.3

Now all three of my "AttentionWhore" gearsets are complete! *muahahaha*

Thanks to a lvl 65 priest I happened to see in Stormwind the other day wearing a [Goldweave Tunic], I noticed that it was the exact same model as the [Elegant Tunic] I've been searching for to complete the "Slexy Gold" AW set. I Wowhead'ed the item and to my dismay, it was a quest reward from a quest I completed who knows how long ago when I was leveling to 70. Lol.

So, instead of continuing to offer Trade 1000g for the [Elegant Tunic], I took a moment to open a ticket that went something like this:
I'd like to know if it is possible to buy back an item that I've sold a VERY long time ago. The item is a quest reward from a quest I've already completed, the [Goldweave Tunic] from the quest called "Zeth'Gor Must Burn" from quest giver "Wing Commander Dabir'ee" in Hellfire Peninsula. I understand how complex this request may be but I thank you for your time.

Character: Isolte
Server: Daggerspine

I opened up that ticket just a couple days ago, and I expected a quick "Your ticket has a response" saying, "Nope. We can't do that for you." But, yesterday I noticed the li'l ticket box said, "Your ticket has been escalated" making me a wee bit hopeful ^_^.

And today, I logged in to see no more petition box! So, I checked my mail and here was the response from Game Master Flyor:
"Greetings Isolte!

First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. Unfortunately I am unable to chat with you directly about your issue due to the current wait time for tickets. However I have received and reviewed your petition about your missing Goldweave Tunic.

I was able to find your missing Tunic in the void dimiension where deleted items and characters go. The bad news is the dead murlocs that live there have claimed it as their property! But fear not o'brave Isolte, for they are no match for The Mighty Tauren Game Master Flyor!! I plunged hoof first into battle, and let out my fierce battle cry: "KERPLAAAHH!" And to make a long story short, (too late) I reclaimed your Tunic and have returned it to it's rightful place by your side. =)

I hope that I have helped you today Isolte! If so please select "Message Read" and this will close your ticket and open a short survey! If you need more help or have any other issues, please make sure to let us know!

(...more silliness about giving BlizzSupport feedback...)


Game Master Flyor
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment"

...complete with the attachment of my new (or old rather?) [Goldweave Tunic]! ^_^

I absolutely adore the little role playing part about GM Flyor fighting the dead murlocs ^_^. This in-game mail made my day! ... and saved me 1000g lol!

Thank you, Game Master Flyor! Oh and thank you also to the unnamed lvl 65 priest I saw in SW! If it wasn't for you, Priest, I would have never known about the alternative and I'd probably still been offering 1000g in Trade right now! Yay!

Monday, May 17, 2010

TheGreyfoo's "Exodar Disco" Guest Starring Isolte!

Patch 3.3.3
I think I've been a good girl keeping this one a secret 'til now! It was a honor and privilege to sing for this epically talented man! And I haven't even SEEN any of the AMAZING machinima 'til now! It is incredible! HE is incredible! Man, TheGreyfoo is an amazing musician, and the fact that he makes excellent machinima as well just blows me away!

And please, please, please, go subscribe to Grey on YouTube! He is so super talented that it boggles my mind that he doesn't have more subscribers! Go go!

So here it is, "Exodar Disco"!

..and omg, he barely put any effects on my vocals. O_O So, yep. That main chorus track is, like, the raw me. *giggles* I'm proud. ^_^

Friday, May 14, 2010

AttentionWhore Gearsets Almost Complete!

Patch 3.3.3

Today I decided to ask Trade for a [High Councilor's Sash] (of ANY enchant) to complete the 1st of Isolte's outfits in the AttentionWhore music video, since I wasn't having any luck farming it on my own, and I never ever see it on either horde nor alliance Auction Houses. I offered 1000g for the belt and got tons of whispers asking why I want it that bad. Lol. I took the opportunity to point curious individuals to my YouTube, and got many others saying things like, "I'll go farm that right now!!" Haha. After a couple hours of just hanging around in Trade, someone whispered me to tell me that they have the belt on their horde alt and if I'm serious about paying, they'd go on ahead and bring it over to the alliance side for me. ^_^ So, I now have my belt.

That's two sets complete: the 1st one (I'm calling it the "Slexy Pirate" set) and the 2nd ("Slexy Red") one. Now all I need is the [Elegant Tunic] to complete the 3rd ("Slexy Gold") one. ^_^

And actually if you Armory Isolte right now, I logged out of the game with the Slexy Pirate set on. Haha.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Update and re: My Cosplay Idea

Patch 3.3.3

About the cosplay idea I threw out to y'all just the other day... Your support for me on this is already so great! It's really encouraging, making me want to start building together an IRL gearset. (I sew, did you now that? Anyway...) XD Thanks again so, so much for the support you're giving me now, the support you also gave me way back when, and the support you may give me in the future!

And here's the small WoW update: I want to remember the 28th of April just cuz it's the date I decided to hop on Cenarion Circle and start leveling a toon to check it out over there. So far, I am absolutely loving the paladin class AND the people on CC. I don't think I'll ever replace Isolte as my "main," but so far on this other server, my pally is my "main". Heh. She's already lvl 43 with the help of my hubster's lvl 65 pally whom he just x'fered over to Cenarion Circle complete with bags n' gold and other crap we thought would be useful. ^_^

Anyway, that's all for now. Cheers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts at 4am

Just woke up from a good sleep; I'm planning on going back but before I go, I had to spit this off my mind. So, if you didn't already know, I'd really, really like to cosplay Isolte IRL. And I'd love to do live performances or even just live recordings for YouTube as Isolte if not live-live. ^_^

There are these amazing digitigrade stilts made by special effects company, Weta in New Zealand that I'd absolutely LOVE to have to "complete" Isolte's look. (If youre at all curious, please google "weta legs" and you'll see the stilts. I'd provide a link if I wasn't lazy/posting from my phone!) So my thoughts are this: before I even think about dropping $800 on these awesome stilts (which I would actually have other uses for than just Isolte cosplaying, if you don't understand that, just trust me) I was thinking on getting back in shape and trying out what I can pull together at the moment for costuming as Isolte. I know I'll never look like the waif-thin Draenei female, but I know it is possible to get close!

So my request for you is to simply support me and to not run away, scared when I post eventual pictures of my costume-building and getting-back-in-shape process/hopefully progress!! And if it's not too gauche, later on I may ask for donations in exchange for special gifts to help fundraise for the legs if all goes well and the if cosplay idea seems worth it! But more details on that if this idea actually comes to fruition.

Tell me what you think! Nothing is set in stone, I just felt like tossing out the idea to get a feel for what people think. Also, just warning you that pics of the RL me may pop up on this blog! *gasp* (and I promise that I will never make this blog about the personal me. It will always be about Isolte... who is me, but.. Ah, you get me, right?!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Patch 3.3.3

I just wanted to take a moment to thank and praise Valandhra for the free port(s!!), [Netherweave Bag] and [Frostweave Bag](s), and Stockades run, Azzad for kindly giving me 20 gold, Bordos for the bags, and all the nice folks in trade who answered questions for me regarding their server. Nuku and I have been lurking around on other servers, potentially finding a new home because Daggerspine and PvP is getting.. well, old.

I am looking into finding an RP server to make a home of, and Cenarion Circle fits our bill so far! Server time is aligned with our time zone, areas of all levels (so far) have been very nicely populated (as compared to the completely desolate leveling zones on Daggerspine), and the people are so polite it makes my head spin!

We haven't decided on transferring any toons to Cenarion Circle because I'd like to level a character to 80 to see what the server is like from more points of view than just end-game. But maybe when we hit 80, we'll see about transferring at least one of our alts from Daggerspine.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweeny Todd?

Patch 3.3.3

So, I walked into the Barber shop of Stormwind and got my hair done. I noticed that there was an upper level to the building, so I sneaked up the stairs to find THIS!!