Thursday, May 20, 2010

Game Master Flyor Is My Hero

Patch 3.3.3

Now all three of my "AttentionWhore" gearsets are complete! *muahahaha*

Thanks to a lvl 65 priest I happened to see in Stormwind the other day wearing a [Goldweave Tunic], I noticed that it was the exact same model as the [Elegant Tunic] I've been searching for to complete the "Slexy Gold" AW set. I Wowhead'ed the item and to my dismay, it was a quest reward from a quest I completed who knows how long ago when I was leveling to 70. Lol.

So, instead of continuing to offer Trade 1000g for the [Elegant Tunic], I took a moment to open a ticket that went something like this:
I'd like to know if it is possible to buy back an item that I've sold a VERY long time ago. The item is a quest reward from a quest I've already completed, the [Goldweave Tunic] from the quest called "Zeth'Gor Must Burn" from quest giver "Wing Commander Dabir'ee" in Hellfire Peninsula. I understand how complex this request may be but I thank you for your time.

Character: Isolte
Server: Daggerspine

I opened up that ticket just a couple days ago, and I expected a quick "Your ticket has a response" saying, "Nope. We can't do that for you." But, yesterday I noticed the li'l ticket box said, "Your ticket has been escalated" making me a wee bit hopeful ^_^.

And today, I logged in to see no more petition box! So, I checked my mail and here was the response from Game Master Flyor:
"Greetings Isolte!

First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. Unfortunately I am unable to chat with you directly about your issue due to the current wait time for tickets. However I have received and reviewed your petition about your missing Goldweave Tunic.

I was able to find your missing Tunic in the void dimiension where deleted items and characters go. The bad news is the dead murlocs that live there have claimed it as their property! But fear not o'brave Isolte, for they are no match for The Mighty Tauren Game Master Flyor!! I plunged hoof first into battle, and let out my fierce battle cry: "KERPLAAAHH!" And to make a long story short, (too late) I reclaimed your Tunic and have returned it to it's rightful place by your side. =)

I hope that I have helped you today Isolte! If so please select "Message Read" and this will close your ticket and open a short survey! If you need more help or have any other issues, please make sure to let us know!

(...more silliness about giving BlizzSupport feedback...)


Game Master Flyor
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment"

...complete with the attachment of my new (or old rather?) [Goldweave Tunic]! ^_^

I absolutely adore the little role playing part about GM Flyor fighting the dead murlocs ^_^. This in-game mail made my day! ... and saved me 1000g lol!

Thank you, Game Master Flyor! Oh and thank you also to the unnamed lvl 65 priest I saw in SW! If it wasn't for you, Priest, I would have never known about the alternative and I'd probably still been offering 1000g in Trade right now! Yay!


  1. That has to be the best response by far ive ever seen...then again i can claim that ive met a gm in person^_^

  2. @James Wragg - My hubster knew a chick in his old guild that became a GM for Blizzard a few years ago. But she supposedly changed for the worse, I hear. Broke up their guild too by talking smack about the GM "behind his back" only to find that he was on an alt reading everything she was saying in officer chat! (I guess she let the "power" get to her head or something.) I dunno the girl personally, but I see her in-game pretty often and wonder if she's still a GM. Cuz if she is, she's WoWing pretty much 24-7. O_O I dunno if I could do that. Be a GM 8am-5pm and then play personally 'til bedtime? No thank you.

    @RavenSylphe - Thank yous! Did I tell you that I luv your new icon btw? It's hella slexy.

  3. @Isolte - haha thanks ^^ it's kind of early promotion for RavenSylphe the Worgen druid in human form x3