Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Won a New Mount!

Patch 5.0.4
EDIT 09/06/2012: I've just learned that I won this mount during the week of Patch 5.0.4 when there was apparently a bugged drop rate of 100% on Normal mode FL! No one on my server knew about it and I only just found out because of posts I saw on Twitter!

Check out this MMO-Champion thread.
And thank goodness a Blue poster chimed in on the official WoW forums.

I was afraid that I may lose the mount since it was nerdrage'd on by many other players as an "exploit", but looks like I get to keep my perdy fire birdy. Whew!

So, I won this last night: [Smoldering Egg of Millagazor]. *Feels lucky*

And man, I can't wait 'til I hit 87 in MoP and get [Ascendance]. As Enhancement (meleƩ DPS) I used to be prime competition for top DPS on the meters in my raid team, and after patch 5.0.4, I'm competing with our Arms Warrior for last place! XD I kinda feel like meleƩ got the short end of the stick with this patch, but supposedly we'll catch up with our lvl 87 abilities.. Here's hopin'! <3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camaraderie is Recruiting!

Patch 4.3.4
The main raid team has broken off from my old guild and we've started a new one! As such, we are recruiting people to help us level the guild (I won't lie, we really need the help cuz we are only level 3 at the moment) and we are looking for a dedicated 10th member for our Raid team. We raid Tuesday through Thursday, 7:30pm-11pm Server Time (Pacific) and we are hoping to find a MAGE! Other classes are most definitely welcome as we plan to start an alt/2nd raid team for MoP so come check us out on Kil'jaeden (US-PvP)!

As you may know, it kinda sucks starting a new guild so close to an expansion release, but it was absolutely necessary, and we definitely left the drama behind! As it is, the 9 founders of Camaraderie get along exceptionally well and that's what spawned our guild name!

I am in the process of creating a guild website for recruitment and correspondence outside of the game and just to give you a better idea of who we are and who we are looking for, here's the description I've got so far! <3
Our guild consists of like-minded, "casual" players (raiders and PvPers) who very much dislike wasting time in-game since we do have lives outside of it. As a result of that desire to get things done, we are very knowledgeable players who not only play our classes well but also know and respect the fact that we rely on each other for progression and acheivements. We are all adults: working professionals, college students, singles, couples, marrieds-without-children (although we have nothing against players that DO have children!) We are proud to be decent players individually which makes us even more epic when we're together! :p

If you feel like you're a good fit, please come check us out and send us an in-game mail or whisper! ALSO: if you just want to level an alt in here for us ( I would love you forever btw), guild repairs are on us and you get 4 free [Netherweave Bag]s! Just send an in-game mail to "Isolte" when you join the guild!

Thanks!! Looking forward to meeting a lot of you in-game!


P.S. If you were curious about the drama that sparked the entire raid team leaving the old guild, here's the gist of it..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Please Respect My Privacy

Patch 4.3.4

I posted the following to my Facebook, linked to it on my Twitter, and now I'm cross-posting here because I can't emphasize enough just how RUDE it is of some of YOU FANS to invade my privacy by trying to join my guild in an attempt to "play with me" simply because you want to play with an "eCelebrity". >=( (EDIT: That sounded really conceited of me. I don't think I am famous or anything, I just dislike it when people create a new toon on my server, tell me they're gonna level, and inevitably stop because they realize that I'm not going to level with them or play with them until max level content... If you SERIOUSLY want to play WoW with me, you'd better be willing to transfer your MAIN to my server and/or be looking for a new home for your main because I'm tired of kids just having toons on my server who friend my main because it just feels like y'all are CREEPY and simply KEEPING TABS on me. =/ Wouldn't you feel stalked if random-ass people whispered you or even followed you around Org or Stormwind while you AH or "run errands" in-game?)

I /gquit because an officer edited ALL my alts' Officer Notes to say they're my alts. While I have no problem w/ppl I KNOW in the guild knowing who I am, I DO have a problem w/ppl guild inviting random fans [especially ones who haven't told ME they're joining] because my alts are my "vacation toons" which is why I don't publicize their names. =/

And since I was demoted from officer myself after taking a break for a month in July, I couldn't change the officers notes myself, so I simply removed all of my alts from the guild.

I hate to sound like a douchebag, but my little corner in WoW is my little corner in WoW. If you just want to join my guild to play with me, I'm flattered, but chances are VERY HIGH that I won't be playing with you unless you're actually filling a regular spot in my raid or you're actually genuinely joining the guild because you are looking for a new permanent home for your main. PERIOD.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[EmberVlog] Bye Bye, Baby

Patch 4.3.4

Just a quick personal update regarding the passing of my beloved puppo, Bandit.
Please send your memorial screenshots to isolte(at)wow(dot)com OR post them on my facebook wall OR @reply them to me on Twitter! Thank you! Much love you you all.