These ringtones are all hosted on Box.net for FREE! Please note that the only formats with an audio preview are the MP3 and M4A versions. So, if you'd like to hear the ringtone before deciding to download, click the MP3 or M4A version. (The M4R versions don't have an audio preview because Box.net doesn't support their file format yet.)

Please consult your phone's user guide to determine which ringtone format is right for your phone. I trimmed and exported all of these files myself and my knowledge of "ringtone technology" is pretty limited, but if the file format your phone requires is not listed here, please contact me and I'll see what I can do. Note: I know that iPhones use M4R cuz I have an iPhone. lol. For all other phones, you're on your own. XD


Shut Up and GrindMP3M4RM4A
Ninja RaidersMP3M4RM4A
Pugs All NightMP3M4RM4A
Lament of the Highborne TranslationMP3M4RM4A
I'm UndeadMP3M4RM4A
MeowMix *Special Edition!*MP3M4RM4A
Buttons *New!*MP3M4RM4A

More to come... Stay tuned!

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