Thursday, October 28, 2010

Enhancement Shaman Tier 10

Patch 4.0.1

I am in love with shaman Tier 10.25...

But Blizzard wants me to be a hunter. DX

I'm at this point where I have enough Justice Points to upgrade my [Belt of the Ardent Marksman] and as an Enhancement (melee) Shaman, I really have no other option than to get the belt that visually matches the hunter Tier 10 set [Band of the Night Raven]. :( I'm sad that I can't just look like a damn shaman the same way druid tanks are now forced to look like rogues when out of bear form... but oh well.. Such is the plight of any "underdog" spec at any given point in or WoW lives. *sigh*

I'm not trying to dog the developers and game designers, but is it really THAT hard to design pieces for each spec of each class? All I'm asking for is the same look. XD Hehe.

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