Thursday, September 30, 2010

Praise for CafePress

Patch 3.3.5

I felt that this was important enough for it's own post, so here's something to note about the shirt I'm wearin' in my previous vlog and some praise for CafePress' amazing customer service! So, I received my order of 4 different styles of tops from CafePress the day before I made my last vlog. Since the blue one is my favorite of the lot, I decided to wear it first. And I'm glad I did because shortly after I recorded the vlog, I noticed that there was a tiny hole on the front of the shirt where the print starts (close to the left armpit, not noticable in the video). It must have been a snag from the printing machine, but other than the hole, the print and feel of the shirt is top quality. :)

So, I called up CafePress' toll free customer service today and their Satisfaction Guarantee is more than I hoped for! They're shipping me a brand new shirt (hopefully sans hole *giggles*) and the best part is I get to keep the holy one! I mean, it is a big enough hole that I'm going to try to patch it somehow so it doesn't get any bigger, but now I'll kind of have 2 of this cute li'l top! Yay!

And I know it may seem like I am trying to convince you to get one for yourself.. and I sort of am. :) But I'm mostly just sharing my experience with CafePress because it is my first time ordering from them and I am truly pleased with their service!

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  1. The blue one is my favorite on you too. I'm happy that you now technically have two of them! Cafepress is FTW on customer service!