Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shoppe "Remodeling"

Patch 3.3.3

Changing up my "logo" for some new shirts in the shoppe. So... there's nothing there anymore at the moment! I took everything down. Felt liberating actually. Anyway, I'll let you know when it's back "up" with some sort of product thing.. 'cuz technically its up, its just empty. Also, the shirts that will go up in the very near future will generally be for the female persuasion since they'll flat out say "Girls Do Play WoW". I'll think of something for you guys out there, I promise. Unless you're a guy who likes girly a typeface on his shirt, then knock urself out buying what I put up! ^_^

Anyway, it's already midnight so I'm gonna get to bed. The design process must be put on hold 'til tomorrow because sleep is not waiting for me... *passes out at her keyboard*

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