Friday, April 16, 2010

My Little Pony

Patch 3.3.3
Yes, I am also a proud owner of the new mount, [Celestial Steed]. My sweetheart waited almost 3 hours in the Blizzard store queue yesterday just to get me the pony I never thought I'd have. (When I first saw the model in a post on MMO-Champion, I figured it would be a new boss drop in Cataclysm or something. And I don't raid much. =/) But yay for new flair!


  1. :D it is a very awesome pony. I keep thinking I could make a cool video with it x3 but I'm not sure it's in WoW Model viewer >.>

  2. ppssshh. faction/server change. we need more raiders. Then you'll get the epixxx.

    - Venturestein

  3. Congrats!! She's a pretty thing =)

    My pics are all up on facebook. Lol.

  4. @RavenSylphe - I adore the fact that you added it in AttentionWhore!

    @metalfist19 - ...No. =P

    @Nate V - Thanks. You took pictures of you and ur pony? ^_^