Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project Updates and Roleplay?!

Patch 5.2
Hey people! How are you all enjoying patch 5.2? Gosh, the first day of the patch I was overwhelmed with all the new dailies to do and admittedly I still am. :) But yay for new content! Nuku and I even spent a day farming [Zandalari Dinomancers] for the cute little dino pets they drop *squee*!

Anyway, I thought it was about that time again to update you with my current projects... since I haven't finished any of the ones I mentioned in my last project update. =/ (*sigh* By the way, thanks for being so patient with me missing my own deadlines!) XD But fear not, fans of the random crap I post(!), there will be something for you to enjoy very Soon(TM)! I promise! (*whispers* But instead of making the same mistake of pressuring myself into deadlines for my creative stuffs, I'll stick with the safer deadline of "soon".)

[Projects and something important to me that I'd like your opinion on after the break!] :)