Monday, December 22, 2014

Starting A Dream Journal?

For the majority of my sleeping life, I have had incredibly vivid dreams ever since I can remember. I've always wanted to start a dream journal, but I've always seemed to have lost the energy to write as soon as I got out of bed or I just simply didn't have the time. When I was in college, I had a Psychology assignment to log my dreams (if any) every day for an entire week. After that project, the desire to start a dream journal really kicked in, but it just never stuck. I have a physical notebook that is a sort of diary but I rarely write in it; it has entries that are weeks, months, and even a year in between and a handful of them mention parts of dreams I had.

Well, anyway, I said all that because I don't know if this will become a regular thing on this blog. It is a pretty personal topic, but I had a dream last night that I feel comfortable sharing. I am no writer, but maybe sharing the details of my dreams will help me to become a better one?