Friday, September 9, 2011


Patch 4.2.2

New vlog today!

I have been getting so many messages asking me, "Where are you?" on YouTube that I finally buckled down and recorded a quickie for you today! By the way, you all make me feel SO loved and awesome with your messages that I am feeling like an asshole not giving you more regularly scheduled content! But that doesn't mean you should stop sending me messages! <3 Hehe. XD I really am sorry about the lack of video content lately, but I've been busy with my costume and other artsy things... AND to be totally honest, I'm still not completely over the whole idea of "Who would care to hear and watch me talk about my-fat-self anyway?" XD.

Aaanywaayy, I decided to shorten the video title from "Weekly Talking Fun" (like the previous vlogs) to just "WTF". I swear, only 3 people even saw that acronym which was the whole reason why I even wanted to call it "Weekly Talking Fun" despite the horrible English... But maybe it was just so under the radar barely anyone noticed. And if you DID notice, and didn't say anything, well.. Kudos to you even though you didn't say anything to me about it! ^_^

So, in this update video, I just show off some progress on my costume and some gift art I've been working on for my friends in the WoW/YouTube community. Also Please don't expect a song from me before BlizzCon since I'm devoting all my free time to these projects and the cosplay thing is a lot bigger a project than I thought it'd be XD. I'm SO glad I started it when I did!

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the video!


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