Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Four Point Two

Patch 4.2.0

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I made a real written post on my blog, so I thought I'd take a moment...
[Server] Shutdown in 1:00
... to write you all a real blog post full of stuff that I have been too lazy to write about...
[Server] Shutdown in 0:30
... Hehe, I find it so ironic that on the nights that I decide to stay up all night and play WoW I forget that it's Tuesday and an inevitable shutdown is scheduled...
[Server] Shutdown in 0:15
... But it makes this moment a really good opportunity to tell you about my WoW shenanigans while I'm still in a WoWy mood. XD

So, I rarely ever queue for heroics without a tank friend since I refuse to heal just for insta-queues, but last night I decided to just do it, and the average wait time was way less than it usually is for a DPS by about 10 minutes! My guess as to why it was a shorter wait time is probably because of all the straggler Tanks and Healers trying to cap their Valor Points for the week! XD Anyway, I ran a couple "random" Zandalari Heroics (both Zul'aman..yuck) and then a random regular Heroic (Shadowfang Keep) and the groups I PUG'd with were such good sports!

I was in a stupid "I'm famous" mood tonight (lol), so I pooped my YouTube URL chat macro in Party Chat at the end of the instances and I felt really embarrassed when the healer in the first group actually knew who I was... DX Mind you, I don't click that macro in every single group I PUG... I'm not that full of myself lol... and usually no one even knows or cares about WoW parodies or so it seems ^_^. So, I was happy that someone knew me, but I was terribly embarrassed at the same time. Hehehe... *awkward grin* But the rest of the group all were genuinely interested in the link and actually went to it! XD Such nice folks online in the wee hours of the morning, I swear...anyway... XD

Regarding the title of this post: I am really liking 4.2. I think it's because it's easy mode for me, or I have discovered a way to get gear faster than I usually ended up with in previous patches. I'm totally diggin' the ability to convert Justice Points into Honor Points! Because now I can put together a decent PvP set to stop hating PvP before even setting foot in a Battleground!! XD I'd definitely not consider myself the PvP type, but if you watched the tail end of my Livestream this last Sunday, you may have seen an Isolte PvPing AND Arena-ing!!! And what's cool about running a bunch of Zandalari Heroics is that I got PvE gear from Boss drops while farming JPs to turn into HPs. Win. Win. Win. XD

Honestly, I never thought I'd ever step foot in an arena, but Crykoda was obviously very successful in convincing me to join him in 2v2 (Feral Druid + Enhancement Shaman). I honestly never thought the resilience gear was going to make that much of a difference for me (cuz I always just thought I sucked at PvP though I never had the gear, mind you...) so I assumed I just hated it and would never PvP at all 'til very, very recently ^_^. After getting just 2 pieces of the Valorous set and hopping into BGs and Arenas... I think this PvE and lore junkie may actually ENJOY PvP! Whodathunkit?! It's funny too 'cause I could have had 2 more set pieces than I have now because I stupidly thought I'd enjoy PvP healing, so I wasted some Honor on 2 healing pieces. But Crykoda and I did a test 2v2 where I just stayed in my Enhance PvE spec and PvE gear... And we found ourselves #WINNING!! LoL.

It's funny right now too because as I type this, my spec is still the same as it's always been: Enhance PvE. I never respec'd for PvP and our Wins-Losses in 2v2 is 24-23!! Haha. Maybe I should buckle down and do some Enhancement Shaman PvP research... or I'll worry about that later.

All I know is: I'm having fun right now and that's all that matters. XD


  1. I did catch the tail end of that live stream and it was fun to watch. Even got me inspired to do a little pvp'ing (which I rarely do) and I had fun too :)

  2. ... See, now I want to level my two enh shaman. Again. I just need a server (Horde) for my Tauren.

    I actually enjoy PvP to a point, but it's nice to be able to turn it off an continue working on whatever I was doing.

  3. Yay for having fun! :) I need to start doing some random heroics...for me I just get nervous to heal on my shaman (or any healer) for a random tank. But I can't *always* rely on my guildies.

    Thats cool that you are enjoying PvP now!! I used to hate it too but my boyfriend comvinced me to do my holy paly with his warrior--we're pretty decent. Need to start up again now. We kinda took a break for a little bit. I'm looking forward to healing arena with my shaman buuuut I need some gear first. Gaw! There are sooo many things to do lol.

    (well that was like a book! sorry!)

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!


  4. Glad you're having fun with PvP! Does the game seem to have even more to offer now that those PvP doors have opened? =) I'm looking forward to seeing some vids of you fighting in a more PvP-geared out set where you have a fair advantage! A lot of horde asses (and alliance too, if you do arenas) are about to get kicked =)

  5. @caramaena - Cool! I'm glad you had fun PvPing. It really isn't all that bad when you have the gear. Fair advantage is fair. XD

    @Snowhawk Przhevalsky - Enhancement is so fun ^_^. But I'm biased, so... *giggles* And I hear you on the needing to be able to take breaks from WoW to get back to what you're doing outside of WoW. That's why Arenas are so appealing to me now! I didn't know they happen so quickly... Queue>Enter Arena>Fight for less than a couple minutes>Done. XD Queue up for another or just quit for the time being. Love the idea of NOT spending hours in a raid for gear that I may or may not get.

    @Nichole - I'm mostly afraid to heal because i haven't healed since BC. I mean I healed a couple regular dungeons in Cata, but I just felt so out of my element.. or enhancement GET IT?! lol... that I just refuse to try anymore at the moment. And I know the feeling of being more comfortable around guildies since they wont rage at you for "being bad". XD

    And lol, you didn't write a book. I appreciate your comments and love to start/have conversations. I haven't been all that great about replying to comments on my blog lately, but I try! I like hearing more stories about girls PvPing too just cuz it's that feminist in me looking for Girls>Boys at games thing. XD

    Thanks for the well wishes and ooh! Next time you link your blog, if you know the basic "a href" html tag, that is acceptable in the comments box, so feel free to make your blog link an active URL!!

    For anyone interested in a clicky or someone who doesn't know how to copy and paste *giggles* -- http://sindoreirose.blogspot.com/

    @Nuku - Yes, WoW seems SO much more uhm.. newer? lol. Arenas are so convenient! And gearing for PvP is sooo easy with the JP-HP I'm so happy about that. XD I'm sure you can tell! Haha. Thanks for reading my blog, Nuku. I appreciate it lots, especially the comment. ^_^