Saturday, March 19, 2011

Respect Your Elders

Patch 4.0.6
I know I'm way behind the times on this achievement, but I just finished up Glory of the Hero tonight. The reason why this is even blog-worthy is because of how tickled I am by the way Nuku and I got the achievement. XD

So, Respect Your Elders was the last meta-achievement I needed before getting my hands on the Reins of the Red Proto Drake and Nuku and I gave it a go... two-man stylez. With Nuku as a bear and me as enhance, this was actually really difficult since we figured going in that I'd need to off tank the Guardian(s)... Well, we died 3 times since I couldn't stay alive with all the extra adds on me, and for some reason, the guardians would NOT stick to me. For some reason, Nuku and I have a sneaking suspicion that Blizzard changed something in the way that they aggro a tank, cuz the boss and the guardian would just automatically run to Nuku even without him taunting... So we came up with a stupid plan...

I pull the boss into the room just before his room (to get away from the eggs that the adds spawn from) while Nuku hides in the corner and tries not to aggro ANYTHING 'til the guardian comes out. And we hoped that I could just stay on the boss while the adds attack Nuku...

What happened: I pulled the boss to the other room, Nuku accidentally taunted the boss when the add spawned. He even yelled to me IRL,
"Awe damnit, Crystal I taunted the boss!! I'm sorry!!"
I said, "Whatever just keep the adds off me!"
And the adds were on me anyway... I died! BUT Nuku shadowmelded and the guardians and adds despawned WHILE THE BOSS STAYED AGGRO'D ON NUKU!!
So, I excitedly yelled,

So, I rez, we kill the boss, BAM achievement achieved. We lol'd hardcore.