Saturday, April 30, 2011

Troll Month Coming To an End

Patch 4.0.6

Before the month is officially over, I got "called out" by my friend KeroZero on the "Troll Month Cypher" that Turelium started. So, I gave it a go ^_^. I met Kero and Turel in the chat a few months ago and maann, if you haven't heard about FMR, I highly suggest you go check it out. It is the only internet radio station I know of that plays WoW parody music along with mainstream licensed music and other general gaming and geek parody music. AND you can potentially chat with some of your favorite WoW parodists! XD *whispers* That and I'm allowed back there after having a falling out with the radio manager. Bygones = bygones. =]
AND you can find a link to FMR on the "Community" page on my blog!

So anyway.... Here's my Cypher! And btw, this is my first time RAPPING in public EVAR, so feel free to laugh. XD


  1. You are still awesome though rapping is not really a music genre I do not like.
    I still enjoyed it thank you for your time and effort on dis mon.

  2. @Orty - Thanks! Ya, rap really isn't my thing either, but I figured that a lot of ppl that listen to my music like Gigi and Nyhm so I thought I'd try it out. XD