Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No, I'm not a minor. I'm a miner.

Patch 4.0.6

I found a pleasant surprise in my inventory when Cata hit. This particular item has been in my bags since forever ago... probably when Isolte was around level 15 or so from Deadmines (and you might just think this is really stupid) but I'm really happy about this so I decided to express my little sliver of happiness with you. ^_^

Ok, so.. Just for fun, I've always wanted that rare quality mining pick, the [Digmaster 5000] (a rare drop in Uldaman,) just for the simple fact that it was the only blue mining pick in the game that "Also serves as a mining pick." To my surprise, my [Miner's Revenge] has been upgraded from a green to a blue having been changed to "No longer available" as a drop in the game.

Apparently, the [Cold Iron Pick] was also upgraded from green to blue and it drops from Hogger in the new Stockades now. ^_^ So, there are now 3 rare mining picks, only 2 of which still drop in-game..

Is it dumb that I feel special-er for having this pick instead of the one I've checked the AH for and farmed for years?!?! I think not. ^_^ *giggles* Yes, it's the little things in life... *smiles contently*


  1. I am jealous of your mining pick now ^^

  2. Congratulations on your phat lewts :) I had the same pick on a char(my first ever) on stormreaver.
    Oh btw a post below you said red proto drake for the world meta I thought it was purple? :p

  3. @Orty - Thanks! And the meta-achieve I was talking about in my last post was the meta for [Glory of the Hero]. I got the purple proto last year in October.