Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekly Talking Fun!

Patch 4.1.0

I'm so bad at this online-presence-management game! I forgot to post my new vlog here on my blog YESTERDAY. I'll get better at this I swear! XD YouTube makes it so easy (lazy) with automatic Tweets when I upload a video, and Twitter makes it easy (lazy) with automatic posts to Facebook. XD

I gotta find a way to make Blogger auto post my uploads.... Oooor maybe not because I like having y'all know that I'm an actual person here instead of a dumb posting-bot. So ya, nevermind. I just gotta remind myself to post HERE the same day that I upload new videos! XD I get so excited about posting the video on YouTube that I completely forget to embed it anywhere else! Hehe.. Now I'm just rambling and you'd probably rather WATCH me ramble than read it, so here ya go!

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