Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fistful of Love

Patch 4.0.6

Huge thanks to Ssob of Korgath for hooking me up with some alliance noobs for the achievement, [Fistful of Love]. What a nice guy. He pretty much spent a whole hour with me just creating new toons for me to get this achievement. And no, I didn't convince him to help me by saying I'm a girl or anything! lol. He just saw me in Horde Trade looking for a Troll Rogue and said that he'd help me out with Alliance too! Then he offered to friend me on RealID. Oh ya, he didn't make a new DK though, he just grabbed a guildmate. ^_^

But anyway, I wish I could repay him somehow cuz it was just so nice! I'll be sure to pass on the niceness where I can, because that's the least I can do. <3 *Feels the love*


  1. Wow that's super nice of him! Totally fitting for the Love Is In The Air event =)

    Grats on the achievement!

  2. I wish we at "The Worst Guild ever" could catch you online. We all seem to play at night, and it looks like you are on in the morning.

    If you need help you can ask me/us. We may be the worst guild ever but we ALWAYS help our own.

    You DO have a toon with us. It would be nice to actually meet you online someday! :)

  3. @Nuku - Heh, yeah, I agree. This niceness was totally fitting of the event. <3

    @Dana - I'll try to be on in the evening sometime to say hello to y'all. I've been leveling a troll shaman on another friend's server and I'm lvl 72 at the moment. I'm in my friend's PvP guild and thought I'd give it a try... but if rated BGs don't hold my interest, I am considering looking for a raiding guild even if it's on another server. I'm really not a PvPer. =/ I've been told that I'm actually good at PvP, but I still really just hate it. XD