Thursday, February 17, 2011


I know this isn't exactly WoW related, but after seeing those ads on Wowhead for Rift that say, "You aren't in Azeroth anymore..." and knowing a good lot of my friends are checking it out, I decided to see what Rift was like firsthand.

My immediate thoughts on Rift after only playing for a few hours:
- The built-in UI customization is very liberating!
- Gameplay, keybinding, controls, targeting are all EXACTLY like WoW XD (not sure if that's a good thing or not.. Good if they're lookin to steal players from WoW's playerbase. Bad for WoWers who might be lookin for something "new".)
- Graphics are really pretty to say the least!
- The actual Rifts in-game are an insanely cool concept that makes the world feel epic at any level and the open option to join a "public raid" when someone "opens a Rift" tickled my fancy ^_^.
- Talent.. I mean "Soul Trees" are WAY, way, way customizable but I fear that come end-game there WILL be specific builds that are "the best" since end-game will never be as dynamic as any review makes Rift sound like it will be. Lol.

So, I got to lvl 9 and got bored. XD But I want a pony tho so I'll keep playin til this beta period is up. If anything new comes to mind, I'll be sure to share. <3


  1. Yea I don't see this being a wow killer. I think the only thing that will kill wow is wow itself.

  2. @Xdawgg - I agree with you completely. XD I think Rift is more PvP based anyway so, maybe PvPers will find a home in Telara. And I have a feeling it's just going to be another Aion: Beginning- "Oooh, pretty!".. End game - "What end game?"

  3. I wrote up my own brief review of the RIFT beta, over on my character's main RP blog. I think I reached most of the same conclusions as you did... :)

  4. @Matosawitko - Heh, your write-up is way more detailed than mine in that you actually told people about the game XD. I didn't even think of doing that! I see though, that as an RPer, the lore must be very important to you and your readers, so that's awesome that you took the time to tell people about the basic plot of the game. All-in-all, nice write-up!

    I only got to level 14. Didn't make enough Platinum to get a pony, but that's okay. XD

  5. I'm a Wow player and tried Rift as well. I managed to get to level 21 before I got bored. The things you mentioned and the cool instant grouping mechanism for the rifts added a lot to the game, but I started to feel like I actually was still in Azeroth despite their claim that I wasn't. Too much of the leveling and gearing process felt exactly the same and why pay for two games so similar. Now if it were would be a decent enough Tuesday distraction. My two postmortem cents.