Monday, February 22, 2010

"Randoms" Shout Outs!!!

Patch 3.3.2

Did some randoms on lowbie alts yesterday and today. Just wanted to say it was awesome "meeting" you all in-game!

  • [Mossberg] of Darkspear (US)
  • [Vol#$!%#$@] of Boulderfist (US) - Tauren Druid.. I just forgot ur toon's FULL name, or I'd link ya. lol.
  • [Zaush#*&$@^^%#] of Boulderfist - Troll Shaman.. Forgot the rest of ur name too.. =( sowwie. I knew I shoulda screencap'd it!
  • [Leathyrface] of Bloodscalp (US)
  • EDITED 02/24/2010: To add these guys too!
  • [Yoshimori] of Boulderfist (US)
  • [Mahnar] of Feathermoon (US)

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