Sunday, February 21, 2010

WoW Armory Model Viewer

Patch 3.3.2

It's cute. I like it. Especially the fact that now others can see how ur toons really look. (Like which face, skin color, and features your toon has. ^_^)

EDIT: 2010-04-17 -- The Armory has been taken down ever since the introduction/merge of So what USED to be here was the cool armory embed thingy. But it no longer exists! DX


  1. WTF!?!? LOL great pose Ember, keep up the good work love your posts and vids

  2. This was such an awesome addition to the armory. I just wish I could make it display about 50 pixels smaller in width so it'd fit on my blogger sidebar! :)

  3. @Sinnerzorn - Thanks! /cluck

    @Misae Silverfall - Yeah, I hear ya on the not being able to fit it into a blog layout nicely. I wanna put it on mine somewhere, but it's excessively too huge to work as a profile widget.

    @RavenSylphe - *Goes to Armory > Checks you out* Hehe.