Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wait.. how'd I miss this?!

Patch 3.3.2

'Altoholic' was ALSO featured on WoW Insider's Moviewatch on the 3rd!

Oy! I found out because I noticed 'Altoholic' had a strangely LARGE number of views. Lol. And YouTube's video insight feature showed that an embedded player on was the source of all the hits ^_^.

All I can say is, "Awesome".


  1. Yes! This one is my favorite because the two who did the lyrics are spying on me. It's the story of my WoW life :P.

    The video and vocals are, as you said, "awesome." I can't wait to see what you do next, I'm looking forward to whatever it is may be :).

  2. Really solid & awsome parody & production.

  3. @Ken - Lol! I know the feeling! I was inspired to write my own parody on alts because I've been suffering a bit of Altoholism myself! But instead of just writing my own parody, I searched online first to find what other other parodies about alts already exist and I found this one. I just asked Gack and Eidni if they'd like me to sing it for them, and they were so nice to let me!

    I don't plan on doing that too much, since I don't want people to think that all I do is take other people's lyrics. I just couldn't resist 'Ninja Raiders' and 'Altoholic' because they're lyrics are golden and I wanted to write parodies for 'Single Ladies' and 'Hot N Cold' either way, no matter what the WoW subject was about. XD

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    @Murloc Wrangler - Thanks for commenting! *giggles at your screen name* I picture a cowboy on horseback herding some murlocs into a corral.

  4. I only just watched ur videos for the first time today, and realized that I had to check out your Blog as well.
    Really cool to see other female gamers :)

    P.S Your machinima`s rocks, missy! Keep `em coming! :) hehe

    Loads of love; Ladria, EU Frostwhisper

  5. @Ina aka Ladria - Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog! *Gets all grly* Girls rock! ...not to be mistaken with G.I.R.L. - Guy In Real Life. XP