Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lil' Game Hunter

Patch 3.3.2
Updated my account^_^. I finally got three more pets today to achieve Lil' Game Hunter! Yay for the [Little Fawn's Salt Lick] If you're curious about my pet "collection" you can check out my profile on


  1. OMG it's so adorable when it runs around to keep up with you. I like to make it sparkle like loot. Lol.

    Here's a link to mine:

  2. The Mojo - Do you have all the alliance pets you can get? Lemme know what u don't have and I'll hook you up. (3 moths from Exodar, 2 owls from Darnassus, all teh kitties from SW, the bunny from IF.)

    There are a couple new ones you can buy from Breanni in the Dalaran pet shop ^_^.

    Nate V - I totally agree about how adorable it is. ^_^ And WOW!! What a collection you've got!

  3. lol wow, the only character I had that had a collection anywhere close to yours I deleted not too long ago >.< damn